Water lifesaving resource

First health act of the day is to drink water. As we all know, a liquid fills up many of our body cells and flows in every nerve and vein. We may drink water in its usual form H2O but our bodies transform them into blood,sweat,saliva,urine and tears. Lack  of water or the life fluid brings us to the edge of harm and may lead to death.

A practice I recommend to all is to hydrate daily, not only by drinking 8 glasses of water but to practice wetting one’s navel with water. This is a technique I learned in bodytalk system called hydration. Get  a cotton bud, wet it with water and place  it in the navel, then tap the cortices. The principle is to alert the brain to scan the whole body and hydrate cells that need water. The navel is the portal which used to be our link to our mother when we were growing in her womb. When I started practicing this technique on babies, they pee immediately and their mothers were amazed at how the technique work. I also practiced it on adults who have a difficult time urinating and it worked.

But hydration at the cellular level is rarely explained to many adults. I wonder why? Water science is seldom taught in schools and many young people go for soda drinks and alcohol. Even adults prefer coffee and tea for their daily intake. All these drinks do not hydrate our cells, they even dehydrate particular organs. One of my favorite drinks is buco juice and i recommend it to all. It is full of nutrients and when taken fresh from the coconut, can provide enough water for the whole system.

So friends, please drink enough water.  But conserve water for drinking and cooking. When you wash your laundry, your cookware and even your house, save and use rain water or storm water. Build rain catchments in your house and garden, then use them. This is the season for conserving water. It is our most precious lifesaving resource.


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