how to make christmas relaxing

my gift to all – a relaxing pasko! its a winwin solution for people who want the holidays to be fun and relaxing.max your giftwisdom, not your credit cards.
first, sleep as long as you want. be happy. dont think of all the chores you need to finish. it’s just the end of the year, not the end of your life.

second, take a long shower and go through the day as if there is no urgent work. after all it is the start of the holidays. this is a season to be merry. when you feel relaxed, your brain, especially the right one gets a whole picture. once you feel good, list down all the gifts you want for yourself. then go shopping . if you want to craft your own gifts, proceed to the third step.

write all the thank you’s in little foto albums. get all the good fotos of your family, friends and colleagues, scan them and upload them on social networks. if you are into cut and paste, put all the fotos in multiply, facebook, ringo, all the free websites that accept fotos. make as many foto tags for all the gifts.

now if you are not web savvy, just go to the kitchen. have an inventory of all your favorite food. cook a dish and ask your friends to have lunch or have them pick up the dish. tell them your kitchen is now open for customers and free meals are available from 12 noon to 2 pm.

if you are not an excellent cook and people will not brave the traffic to rush to your house, then go your garden and pick your favorite plants. savour their presence and whisper all the wishes for each loving family and friend for the new year. prepare little cuttings, tie a red ribbon around these cuttings and label them with mini- fotos for family and friends. call each member and tell them to pick it and plant it in any garden and watch your wish for them grow the year round. if they do not plant it, the wish will fade. but no worry. your energy will embrace them because you gave the universe the list. it’s up to cosmic forces to know what’s up and what’s due.

please feed the senses. go to your wardrobe or aparador, get your fabulous clothes and accessories. wear the special dress you forgot has never been worn. wear this dress and an old perfume and go to the office. if there is a xmas party, have all the fotos with friends. you will remember being the prettiest in 2007. so many xmases have passed without even remembering how you look then.

now what to do with all the parents, parents in law (if you are married), siblings, godchildren who demand your generosity? just smile and make a five minute love slideshow. again, if you are not into digital productions, ask a friend or a niece or nephew to do it. pay her/him and compose a storyline. the slideshow should tell them how you see, hear and feel having them in your life. use a favorite song as background. burn enough copies and give them to all the families who have computers and dvds. upload it in YOUTUBE for the overseas members. in 5 minutes people you will get the feedback you want from all..

be happy. merry christmas. maligayang pasko.manigong bagong taon.


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