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How I communicate with persons in coma

July 12, 2011

People approached me to ask “”Can you help us with a loved one who is in coma?”

When I accept the request, a family member would usually inquire  “How do you communicate with people in coma states ?”When I give them a story, “the people dig deeper ” Can you talk to people  also who are diagnosed with ALS or severe autism?”

This blog is a photo story. It shares how I prepare for a request to help a family talk to their loved one who is in coma. First my name is given to the person whom I need to receive messages from. It is a request for permission to enter her/his inner mind and heart.

Then I do my meditation until I receive a message which gives me an image or a word to work on. I usually prefer not to know anything except the name and birthdate of the person. This allows me enough energy and space to interpret and validate if the images or words are coming from the requested person.

I take my origami paper and start folding while I wait for more messages. When I get at least 3 words correct that identifies the person, then I breath and go to the more relaxed state of consciousness . I send the messages in sms or email forms to a family or friend who has accepted the task of being my co-communicant. The conversations with the person can be short, can be in a phrase  or the person can travel and show me places where she/he is. It helps if am able to check immediately with the co-communicant where the person used to go so that my mind is not overloaded and the messages are sent clearly.

I may get a message for a deed to be done by the family and I stress  this deed as priority . After a  day, or a week , I usually inform the family to be more receptive so that they can continue talking to the person. If the family needs more time for the deed to be completed, I continue the service but this means more energy on my side. It is like being on 24/7 call from beyond and my senses are at its peak performing rate. It does affect my daily routine and I have to avoid crowds . I also have to stay at home and be quiet. On the other side,  when the family notice or sense a certain serenity in the house ,I can close the channel until another message comes. It is normal for the family to ask ” Please wake her up  ”  when I start receiving messages, in visual or a variable of sense forms. Gently I explain ” I cannot wake her up po. She answers in another state . It is not in my power to do so.”    I offer prayers so that the person can feel she/he is loved and is safe.

This is Aca’s painting of her sisters. She has been in coma for 10 months now but she has a beautiful mind and colours her messages with love. Love is the main source of the energy from where she communicates and from where I receive.


marky cielo,honoring him with love

December 9, 2008

this sunday as we were celebrating manny pacquiao’s triumph,word came to us that marky cielo died . ed and i couldnt believe the sms that came. at first, we thought may be he is on a trip and met an accident. my immediate impulse was to send a text to bob, his father and ask where we could go. dada and ompong already were on their way to fetch bob from his house. bob replied that he would send us word when he gets to the antipolo home of marky.

i suddenly felt very weak.  i couldnt even scan the inner mandala where i believe souls go when they first realize they are travelling across another life. i prayed and asked ed to monitor events. i had to run an errand for isis director who needs a home. so i hailed a cab to pick up cai yi ping and bring her to la rainne’s home, then to shinette’s home. in the process, i tried to compose myself for the time that bob will need my help.

thinking of marky, twenty years old made me also think of ayen, our 18 year old daughter. ayen and bonsai went together to denmark in 2006 and marky taught their group a dance. we saw marky when he was still very young, nicknamed boknoy and bob loved him very much. when he entered the gma star search, we all mobilized friends from luzon to mindanao to vote for him until he won. we all felt very proud of marky. even our little girl angela went around her school telling her friends that she knew marky.

now that he has crossed to another life, i can sense the  grief that mildred, his mother and bob, his father are suffering. i wrapped a book, Praying Our Goodbyes and requested leah ,our Elf assistant, to bring to bob and family. ed and i wish we could be physically with the family but we have an earlier engagement in cagayan de oro, where i am blogging now.

i asked myself, ” if i were mildred, what will i do?” i would asked permission to enter the mandala and ask where marky is. i would pray with marky until he is ready to travel to his final destination. i would embrace him with all my love and pray that he remembers us his family, that he feels all our love. i will pray that someday, he will be our guide to the next life.

but this is all in the afterlife. i would have to face this loss in this life. so what can i do to remember marky cielo? perhaps young people can respond to this question. questions open another door.  a new door open up to a  space that we havent thought of or imagine. what do we do to honor a person whom we love? dedicate work where young people can realize their life purpose in this life? develop friends among young people and learn from them how they view life? listen to what they want to express? take time to be with them?

spirituality and sexuality

April 10, 2008

two weeks ago my urduja friends brought me to la union for a forum on spirituality and sexuality. i asked my friend virginia ” Why are we talking about spirituality and sexuality?” “We want to open the topic so we can change certain attitudes of OWWA people.” “What are these attitudes?” i queried. “That spirituality is divorced from sexuality, that the two are separate, that one is good and the other is bad.” “Oh that would be fun!” i replied.

Spiritus is Latin for breath. Spirit,translated to Tagalog is hininga. Various cultures have a word for breath. The Chinese word is qi, the Indian word is prana, the Indonesian is nafas, the Japanese is ki. All look at spirit as the life force, the energy that gives us life.

I ask Ed ” What is spirituality?” “The whole, not just the inner or outer but everything.” Is spirituality more in the realm of ideas that seek to understand life ? Ed offers Thomas Aquinas, the foremost theologian of the Middle Ages. Thomas Aquinas had written volumes of theology in Summa Theologica where he tried explaining faith. He had a mystical experience at the end of his life and realized that everything he had written was like straw.

So if mystical experiences have led saints to realize that they could not even come close to describing a part of their vision, how then could we people understand spirituality? does this mean we will have to rely on faith and wait for mystical revelations? what is the role of sexuality in all these mysteries?

st. augustine was the saint who developed the theory of original sin, where the baby inherits the sin during the sexual act. original sin is interpreted as the sin of the world and so all babies need to be baptized to be saved. many catholics and christians look at sex as a source of sin in the dark ages . with this view, sexuality and spirituality become two opposing poles.

in the feminist debates, the control of women’s bodies and their minds is a major struggle. pro-choice battles with pro-life, opposing each other with views as to who has the primordial right to life. organized religions imposed the rules and deviance merits punitive action.

we still carry this view up to the modern ages. even our parents will not talk about the sexual act nor will allow daughters and sons to explore the link between spirituality and sexuality. i together with a circle of friends in the women’s movement, have decided to advocate open learning .after all, we are already in the 21st century and our human race is reaching 6 billion. that’s a lot of people to learn and share with!

personally i have met a lot of people who have asked me to share what i know. when i went with ed to cebu to meet fr. paking silva of cebeco, the nea administrator, edith bueno, told me that i would talked about sexuality. i thought she was kidding until fr.silva called me to join the first session with the mainly  male engineers of the electric coops .out of 144, only 3 are females.  i was delightfully surprised and took the challenge. ohh it was fun ! i introduced the body signals that women get but men miss because they have no wombs and dont menstruate. i talked about our breasts and breastfeeding as the first human machine for food security. i must have brought the men to near peaking when i talked about multiple orgasms….hahaha, not a single man walked away and you could hear their hearts thumping as i talked. that is why it is important to open the gates to sexuality and what we,as part of the loving human race need to appreciate.

lifetime growth mentor dan sullivan said: ‘make our learning bigger than our experience.”  ‘make your enjoyment greater than your effort. “this should be our motto in approaching the gate towards  sexuality and spirituality. enjoy life. mabuhay tayo!

energies that embrace and wake you up

January 23, 2008

this morning i wanted to lounge around in bed. we call it ‘inin” taking time to wake up, savoring one’s time in bed, like  cooking rice that needs time to absorb the water. but an energy embraced me and push me gently to rise. if you believe in a subconscious self, it must be that other self. i usually go to the toilet first to clean myself but this inner energy took me to the dining room and set me to work without eating. i  started cutting many mandalas and i asked” Are we going  to put up mandalas somewhere ?.” a name “urduja’ flashed and then i remembered the eight urduja women who had lunched last monday in cyma. i sent a text to gie and she said she has been getting so much texts that morning from the urdujas –  the energy to do something great. she also told me the mandala i gave her kept flying and she had to hold it so it would  stay in her garden. seeing and believing in sacred space is in the realm of spirituality. when i do mandalas, i just let my subconscious take over. i learned to trust my inner spirit and it has served me well.

so what did i gleanse from this energy with a name urduja? a voyage that crosses the 14th century to the 21st century. i quickly check the history book written by onofre corpus and there seems to be no entry on urduja. well, that is what we are going to do. search for urduja and let history take her in. so gie and i exchanged ideas (via sms). we will hold a march 8 event, 8 days with 8 women introducing urduja. we will invite many women and men  to gather around. we will get the overseas families to come and honor their overseas parents with stories. i look at my art portfolio, counted the art materials. i decided i would use paper, all kinds of paper. dont we like the sound of paper /the touch of paper/the taste of paper? then i saw shapes dancing in my head so i went up the bedroom to look at the skies. i saw a panorama of courageous women. in response, i put up three red mandalas around the bougainvilla canopy and thank urduja. yes, i will dedicate it to all the overseas women, the modern urdujas who are building and developing a global care chain and brain gain. for you all – chato, mila, raquel, dottie, ria, deeda,delia, marita,mayet,vhangie, atet, baby, connie and all you there in the global bayanihan , i will create a  mandala prayer garden.

make mandalas, create meaning

January 15, 2008

mandala is a sanskrit word for sacred space or vehicle. i read in one political history book that mandala means a network in the old trading stories of pre-colonial filipinos. this was the pre-modern web! mandalas are good for meditation. as i was cutting paper to make mandalas for friends and family, i realized why i make mandalas. my significant discovery is ” mandalas carry stories”.

since 2003 , i made mandalas for friends who were ill and offered them for healing. i painted, cut paper and folded them into balangays or boats and peace cranes. i made mandalas for family as a form of prayer and the stories that flowed like tears. for special occasions like christmas, i would give them as lanterns and mobile arts. this year,every morning, i would look at them with the light streaming through and somehow i could feel a story coming for blogging.

friends have asked me how to make them. lea and hazel, two therapists, are opening their ginhawa house in kamias this march. i offered to help them learn how to make mandalas. they suggested i teach women with hivs and aids. i accepted the offer and will see how mandalas could provide healing stories.

while planning mandalas in my head, i brought out the Man’s Search For Meaning book of Viktor E. Frankl, a psychiatrist who started logotherapy . he survived three prisons in germany during the holocaust. rereading it made me think of what people say ” anything can happen to you. what matters is what you do with what happens.” i found women who have been violently abused take courage as their right to be. i have learned from men who have been tortured but have forgiven their torturers. both women and men have found meaning in moving and discovering a second chance at life to be good. Viktor Frankl said ” live as if you were living for the second time and had acted as wrongly the first time as you are about to act now.” he stated that by acting and fulfilling a potential meaning, one’s life becomes worth living. i offer that to friends who feel their marriages have been burdened by troubles, to parents whose children defy them, to grandparents whose lives are in the final boarding phase.

i especially devote time to making mandalas for my parents ( cesar, nene and adang) because they have so much meaningful material in their lives. i keep telling ed that we should write about them, now that they are in their senior moments. nanay adang will be 88 this feb.7, nene will be 78 on april 4 and cesar will be 85 on nov.6. viktor frankl said that people like my parents have ” realities in the past – the potentialities that they have actualized, the meanings they have fulfilled,the values they have realized and nothing, and nobody can ever remove these assets from the past.” am emphasizing assets from the past – these are their granaries which we are proud to harvest from.

honor thy parents and ancestors. make our gratitude greater than our success ( quote from dan sullivan)

i hope mandalas bring you stories of meaningful lives.

try this healing art

October 16, 2007

for today i want to explore further the art of making mandalas. mandalas are sacred vehicles and the art is practised in asian cultures. among tibetan buddhist monks, they use sand and create circular spaces for divine inspirations. in my practice, i create them like snowflakes that work like semiconductors circuits and trace the flow. i start by folding paper and cut the pieces. i go into a serene state, almost meditating when i hold the paper and fold it. when an electric pulse run through my hands, i cut and cut until figures appear and i offer them in honor of the one i want to heal. i stop only when i need to, like eating or running some chores.

i have been making mandalas for people who ask for prayers. i usually hang them like lanterns and i observe how the person feels after i make the mandalas.

try this art. it will help you and the person whom you want to heal. there is an electromagnetic field that operates between you and other people. when you think and care for that person, your thoughts go through the field like radio frequencies.

Mandala and Soul Gifts

August 30, 2007

SOULs and SAINTs holidays have been part of our culture since the we could remember. This week everyone is going home to honor and pray for loved ones who crossed over. Am rewriting a brief blog on soul rites since I started making mandalas in 2000.

I remember our special tribute to Thor, our Danish friend who died in Greece while on vacation. I made a flower mandala in the garden of the Education for Life,Quezon City. Since then,Ii have made many mandalas and the most recent are for Boy Morales and Veekee Penano which i hang in our garden.

A mandala, as I studied ancient words, is a term for an ancient Malay space for meeting people, for organizing a network or community in the pre-colonial Philippine communities. In Tibet, monks make a sand mandala with four poles (north,south,east west) and they meditate as they stand on each pole.

In my  soul rites practice,Ii found the mandala as a sacred portal to connect with people across the seas and beyond. It gave me access, clarity and serenity to receive messages from beyond.

I feel the mandala is relevant now as it was in the ancient past. The mandala tribute we gave Thor started with singing Children of the Earth ( Klaus Frederiksen’s composition) and entering the mandala circle. Each one of us in the circle shared stories of Thor, how we met him, what we felt in his company,what we learned from him and why we love him. Then we gave him our send-off gifts – fragrant herbs, sea stones, origami cranes and lighted candles for his journey. All these gifts were placed in an urn with Thor’s photo smiling and we sang a lovesong Walang Hanggang Paalam (Never Ending Goodbye). As the smoke rose to the starry night,we prayed and let the candles burn the whole night.

I belong to the community of Filipinos who believe in a life beyond. Since 2000, I have assisted friends and relatives receive “bilins” or messages from their loved ones beyond this life. I sought mentors to enhance my gift of sensing and interpret with clarity the messages.

There are indigenous communities who believe that earthfolks and skyfolks exchange gifts. Please read The Soul Book of Zialcita, Demetrio and Cordero-Fernando (GCF 1991) and you will learn how the precolonial Filipinos perceived souls. The Ilocanos have two souls, the Tagbanuas have six souls and the Bukidnon lumads have seven! The Bagobos also believed that animals have souls,too.

There is a value in the belief of having souls . This belief can enhance a compassion and spiritual modality to help people care for loved ones  in pain or   assist them to cross beyond to the afterlife. When the grieving is at its most painful state, soul conversations is  a gift of loving and healing.

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