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How to stay loving for a hundred years

January 5, 2015

Everybody has 24 hours. What you do with each hour is your choice. Devote first 10 minutes when you wake up to gratitude rites : give thanks to the Spirit that wakes up yoturkish tree of lifeur conscious mind. Roll all over the bed and gently snuggle up to your partner. Then flex your muscles, raise your knees and bend up to your chest. Look at your feet, wiggle all your toes up to the fingers. Rise slowly from the bed and take a pee, then drink slowly one glass of water. This will let energies flow. Devote the first hour of the morning enjoying plants,  smell the leaves and their  healing scents and colors. Move around a garden, water the plants and listen to birds sing. Then take your place in the kitchen and make breakfast. Give thanks to the food y20141221_180018ou have and smell the aroma of morning tea ,coffee, chocolate or drink you prefer. Invite your family to share the meal and start the first conversation of the day. Tell the good news and a brief hug after the breakfast. Start your day of work with a smile and an attitude that everything that can be done in an hour will be finished well. If you commute to work, simply focus on being good : good thoughts, good words, good deeds. Dont get caught up with stress, create, be productive : small things like walking to your office with a smile at workmates,cleaning the clutter on your desk and putting a vase with aromatic herbs will lighten up the space. Call up or text friends and greet them Happy New Year . Hug your loved ones if they are around or send those loving stickers via social media. Set a lunch date with a friend who needs you. Then open up the afternoon for something joyful. Be present, the day is still in progress.You will be surprised that the universe has something good for you. Welcome the sunset. Be at peace. The home you love will stay safe and secure. Call up loved ones and ask what dinner they wish for the evening. Give thanks when they join you.Share the day’s good thoughts and deeds. Raise your head to the stars and sense trillions of galaxies. Be thankful you are on earth and gifted with 24 hours each day. Go sleep and wish for another 24 hours. Dream on. The galaxies are constantly giving birth to stars.


Start the day inventing a grateful mood

July 15, 2014

Today one can invent a mood. Waking up after sleepless nights of watching cable FIFA games, I tried reinventing a mood after seeing Argentinian Messi who didn’t smile nor cheer after the final match with Germany. As he went up to receive his award as the most valuable player, he showed a sour attitude. Perhaps his bodymind told him there was nothing that could make him celebrate. Poor bodymind message. Having played in many matches and be honored as the MVP is an achievement no one from the 32 teams got. Why is Messi deaf to the cheering millions fans all over the world?
He chose not to be happy enough to smile and thanked the fans.

Being alive and aiming to be the One is laudable but there is more to life than being the greatest. One can open up to the myriad of enchanting challenges that life invents. Waking up each day and being conscious is magical in itself because we are a galaxy of energies. The moment we open our eyes and our brains click to tell us who we are – means our cellular system has correctly tuned in to the moment. It is like powering a million cell sites to connect with a million websites. Every sense, visual,auditory,tactile,olfactory,muscular are on track.

If I were Messi ,Robben, Neymar and the football icons -Pele and Maradonna, I will thank my bodymind and all the people who trained, nurtured and gave me the life force to be part of a global match. I have every reason to cheer and smile no matter what scores other players got. I have a choice and a reason to be happy. I am alive.

Freeing one’s mind

November 8, 2013
Art for the heart

Art for the heart

Filipinos have a habit of quieting one’s consciousness. We do tunganga, a state of mind free from stress. It allows us to be quiet,no distraction,simply being. How? Staring,looking far from window sills, or people on the road squating  the Asian way, serenely letting life flow.

Why do Filipinos do it?  Simply  to be , breathing with the energies within, sensing the kalooban merging with a bigger kalooban. This state of tunganga is similar to mindfulness and Zen , it is knowing there is a bigger mind and entering  it. When we need to be  whole,we enter the inner canopy of our kalooban. But it takes long practice of tunganga to find this canopy and gather strength to remember and recreate.

I do tunganga everyday to gain a sense of wholeness. This may seem somehow unproductive for people who have a routine list of tasks.  Life gives us a wider access to its challenges and mysteries.It is like the movies Gravity,Inception and Time – one enters a state that seems unreal or surreal but when one’s mind expands, we discover a canopy of life inside us that thrives on creativity.

Try it from time to time. Go placidly into your inner self and breathe. Inside you will  discover moments of clarity, moments of flow, moments of grace.

Imagine a world free of illness

September 6, 2013

Imagine a world free of illness
Today I know more of myself by imagining everyone is well. Yesterday, as I got my acupuncture session started, I told my healer to start with my strong energies so that it could heal my eyes. I believe we are all healers. Those of us who see our bodies afflicted with aches can do simple things daily : breathe deeply (using the yoga breathing through the left and right nasal opening), eat with gratitude savouring every chew, and fill up the day being useful. Helping another person without asking for a reward is healthy. Remembering family, sending a simple message is healthy. Talking to friends face to face or online is healthy. Also mind the Chinese clock of meridians: eat on time, exercise on time, sleep on time.

Buddha temple in Hongkong

Electric circuits in our brains: how to be smart, happy and active

May 24, 2013

Our own bodies ,especially our brains have electric circuits.Every energy inside us has a bio-electric element.I have friends who make televisions and electronic gadgets go haywire when they touch these gadgets.

I downloaded Dr. Andres Lozano demonstration in  TED Talks and studied his work in curing destonia, depression and brain issues by deep brain stimulation. He has a theory of brain electric circuits; that by stimulating these circuits, moods, movement and brain functions can be affirmed, added and altered ( our three As in learning).

Though his theory is somewhat risky in curing deteriorating brain functions, am not sure i want to support all his methods of implanting electrodes in the brain and stimulating the person with a switch. Is it possible to consider non-invasive approaches to healing people with depression ? Can children with destonia recover their movement with music and dance? Can people with  mood disorders be assisted with good diets and loving care?

Many surgeons advise people to undertake operations and it is always a risky procedure. I accept many people take these decisions, eg. Angelina Jolie, but I prefer exploring less risky and doable ways of making our brains work in correcting challenges. There are various meditation disciplines and some monks have been documented to alter their body temperatures in freezing rooms. There are  health protocols such as bodytalk systems, reiki, pranic healing, cranium massage, yoga, etc. that seek to release healing energies .

Imagination, as many scientists prove, is superior to knowledge and with our brains, stimulate  the best circuit in being human. Switch on!

Water and our health

February 15, 2013

People drink coffee, tea, soda, wine, fruit juices and beer but  drink  less water. We think it is desirable to drink any of these beverages when life is good. Our bodies need more water than all these  drinks. We are almost 70-75 fluids, from our brains to our blood.  Practice hydration by imagining  our circulatory system flowing with your favorite drink – a soda or coffee. Your saliva ,your sweat and even your tears will dry up because there is not enough  water to attract the minerals that your body needs. Your skin will start wrinkling because its drying up and you will start to feel feverish because  your body’s temperature will start to rise. Your heart will go into a critical mode because its power to pump blood is deprived of oxygen and  blood gets thicker  to flow. Your brain cells will start entertaining suicide thoughts and its chemical neuroregulators will go haywire,  unable to regulate nor manage the body organs. Water is the vital element inside the cell, without it , the lost hydrogen and oxygen atoms will end your life.

Drinking water is  life’s most important act. One breathes without thinking, but drinking water adequately is an intelligent act.

Enjoying life each day by remembering and reflection.

January 4, 2013

An epiphany came to me today. With our two minds, the experiencing self needs its partner- the remembering self to be in synch. Many people suffer from lost memories like my father Cesar, 90 years old, doesnt remember my mother passed on last March 2012 but remembered her during his final month in December. My aunt Zenaida, his sister, doesnt remember how to contact her siblings. But not only old people forget. My daughter Ayen,23 years old, keep losing her chargers and usb, cannot remember where she left them. My husband Ed also has to ask me where our favorite books are shelved and if he cannot find them, will buy new copies like those of Stephen Covey and  Nassim Taleb.

Why do we forget ? There are always short memories, medium term and lifelong term memories.

What we experience is not always stored in our memory cells. What allows us to remember are those experiences we find

meaningful and makeTatay Iba pics1056953_10151543850283450_1967033705_n us feel deeply . Memorizing by rote can only help for a period but those that stay on are the reflections that we do frequently.

So if one is at risk of senility, Alzheimer, dementia , then it is necessary to reserve each day an hour of reflection for what you did . The memories of yesterday are assisted by faces, by people who take time to engage you. Faces, especially those gentle faces with smiles, will lift you from a fog of forgetfulness. Even aromas, have a usefulness in making you remember – the scent of cooking, the fragrance of a garden or a bouquet can help transport you into a state of joy vivre. So keep remembering, reflecting and life will blossom into a  fragrant moment. Such moments will fill a garden and your daily life will keep you joyful.

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