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Aida Santos, An Inspiration

September 28, 2016
This is Aida Santos whom I find inspiring because she has the gift of Grit, Poetry and Courage. For the youth who wants to learn from a living heroine, read her poetry and stories .
Aida  is a feminist and has been a pioneer in the women’s movements. She has four decades in development work and has mentored many people to walk their talk. Her courage in the face of torture and painful experiences during the dictatorship era ,1970s to 1980s, has strengthen her  nationalistic moorings. I raise a toast to this woman who has inspired me to sustain our work towards a better nation where women are recognized as equals.

Gender agenda for 2016

April 26, 2016

All the women representing 14 basic sectors convened on March 9-11 in QC to discuss and unite with the women’s platform for this election year. We agreed to get Leni Robredo as our Vice President.

How to stay loving for a hundred years

January 5, 2015

Everybody has 24 hours. What you do with each hour is your choice. Devote first 10 minutes when you wake up to gratitude rites : give thanks to the Spirit that wakes up yoturkish tree of lifeur conscious mind. Roll all over the bed and gently snuggle up to your partner. Then flex your muscles, raise your knees and bend up to your chest. Look at your feet, wiggle all your toes up to the fingers. Rise slowly from the bed and take a pee, then drink slowly one glass of water. This will let energies flow. Devote the first hour of the morning enjoying plants,  smell the leaves and their  healing scents and colors. Move around a garden, water the plants and listen to birds sing. Then take your place in the kitchen and make breakfast. Give thanks to the food y20141221_180018ou have and smell the aroma of morning tea ,coffee, chocolate or drink you prefer. Invite your family to share the meal and start the first conversation of the day. Tell the good news and a brief hug after the breakfast. Start your day of work with a smile and an attitude that everything that can be done in an hour will be finished well. If you commute to work, simply focus on being good : good thoughts, good words, good deeds. Dont get caught up with stress, create, be productive : small things like walking to your office with a smile at workmates,cleaning the clutter on your desk and putting a vase with aromatic herbs will lighten up the space. Call up or text friends and greet them Happy New Year . Hug your loved ones if they are around or send those loving stickers via social media. Set a lunch date with a friend who needs you. Then open up the afternoon for something joyful. Be present, the day is still in progress.You will be surprised that the universe has something good for you. Welcome the sunset. Be at peace. The home you love will stay safe and secure. Call up loved ones and ask what dinner they wish for the evening. Give thanks when they join you.Share the day’s good thoughts and deeds. Raise your head to the stars and sense trillions of galaxies. Be thankful you are on earth and gifted with 24 hours each day. Go sleep and wish for another 24 hours. Dream on. The galaxies are constantly giving birth to stars.

Freeing one’s mind

November 8, 2013
Art for the heart

Art for the heart

Filipinos have a habit of quieting one’s consciousness. We do tunganga, a state of mind free from stress. It allows us to be quiet,no distraction,simply being. How? Staring,looking far from window sills, or people on the road squating  the Asian way, serenely letting life flow.

Why do Filipinos do it?  Simply  to be , breathing with the energies within, sensing the kalooban merging with a bigger kalooban. This state of tunganga is similar to mindfulness and Zen , it is knowing there is a bigger mind and entering  it. When we need to be  whole,we enter the inner canopy of our kalooban. But it takes long practice of tunganga to find this canopy and gather strength to remember and recreate.

I do tunganga everyday to gain a sense of wholeness. This may seem somehow unproductive for people who have a routine list of tasks.  Life gives us a wider access to its challenges and mysteries.It is like the movies Gravity,Inception and Time – one enters a state that seems unreal or surreal but when one’s mind expands, we discover a canopy of life inside us that thrives on creativity.

Try it from time to time. Go placidly into your inner self and breathe. Inside you will  discover moments of clarity, moments of flow, moments of grace.

Listening to a person in deep sleep is a gift sense

April 23, 2013

People who think it is so natural to sleep and wake up should give thanks. They should visit family members and friends who can no longer wake up – those who are in stupor or  they cannot regain their conscious self. This is the soul time everyone can learn from – that life has many facets but once our bodies can no longer activate conscious senses, special energies elicit a response from a community to care of us. What is this community I am speaking of? These are the remembering cells of our lives – the various experiences recorded in our bodies which sentient beings, called” intuitive carers” .

When I turned 50, i came to see, listen,smell,feel a special portal of communication. At first I was confused, I checked all my senses what I was receiving. After 10 years of interpreting messages from people whose normal channels of engagement have been cut off, I learned to listen well. I came upon the art of receiving messages with its weight, colours,sounds and associations. I learned by not being myself but being one with the recipient who needs it most. People whose  is in a deeper state; people who are termed retarded ,omatose states can communicate ! These persons have found a higher self and could send signals and messages over a distance to people they sense can receive them.

Today,waking up  conscious makes me grateful .I give thanks to my heart for beating for 64 years and to my brain , for taking care of my whole body while I sleep. I give thanks to the various organ systems for repairing any imbalance for 24 hours .I give thanks to the listening self, this sentience and  luminousity in our mind-heart.

Ang Aking Buhay, para kay Rosalie

April 11, 2013


 ALAY kay ROSALIE sa kanyang pagiging matibay at mapagmahal na kasama sa kilusang mapagpalaya – ilang sipi ng  tula na isinalin ni Pete Lacaba mula sa isang kuwento ng mga North American Indian na lumaban para sa kalayaan.

” Darating ang panahon na magwawakas ang aking buhay.Pagdating ng panahong iyun, ang hiling ko’y gunitain ninyo ang mga bagay na ito:

Ilibing ninyo ang aking katawan subalit huwag ninyong ilibing ang aking diwa.

Ilibing ninyo ang aking mga mata subalit hindi ang aking pananaw.

Ilibing ninyo ang aking mga paa subalit hindi ang landas na aking tinahak.

Ilibing ninyo ang aking mga kamay subalit hindi ang aking matiyagang pagsusumikap.

Ilibing ninyo ang aking mga balikat subalit hindi ang pagmamalasakit ko sa inyong lahat.

Ilibing ninyo ang aking tinig subalit hindi ang aking panawagan.

Ilibing ninyo ang aking utak subalit hindi ang mga pangarap ko para sa inyong lahat.

Ilibing ninyo ako subalit huwag ilibing ang aking buhay.

Ilibing ninyo ang aking puso subalit huwag ninyong ilibing ang aking pag-ibig.

Kung may ibig kayong ilibing, ang ilibing ninyo’y ang aking mga pagkukulang at kahinaan. Subalit ang aking buhay, ang aking pananalig, at ang aking pag-ibig ay panatilihin ninyong buhay sa inyong kalooban. “

Sa paghahanap ng sumulat sa orihinal na tula, may nagsabi mula ito kay Randall Rohr.Sa liham ni Pete Lacaba, galing ito sa “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee ” ni Dee Brown. May naglagay din na galing kay Stephen Vincent Benet. Kung lahat ay nakapag-ambag sa tula at dapat pasalamatan, salamat.

20 minutes bodytalk for all

January 7, 2013


I have found more energy by tapping my bodymind every morning before i rise from bed. This tapping is like charging one’s 5 g fone or laptap  with the energies that illuminate our lives.  Senior citizens like me have continued working,pro bono, in projects to make life enjoyable. How ? With wellness security at its core, i have started my 10,000 hours of energizer system since 2009. This 10,000 hours means 20 minutes daily of body mindfulness  . According to  brain studies, our brains abhor boredom and need new stimuli  every 20 minutes to get better. When i trained with Dorothy Friesen and Ben Manalo on Access and Bodytalk fundamentals , I learned how to take care of my health concerns better. It even led me to help  people who are in remote or  difficult states of awareness, eg. forgetfulness,lethargic, ill, comatose .

People have requested me to share what and how i do this health service. I have blogged many times how i do it but there is one answer   : bodytalk system.  there is a website: of the International Bodytalk Association (IBA). visit it.  learn from its videos.

This January 19-28 ,2013 to  we will start  bodytalk lessons and wellImagenness with Dorothy and a core of practitioners like me. NCR Contacts : Annie Lao 09178219587,Didi Estipona 09064734038, Gemma Bunag 09267183128. Please reserve slots now.


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