Love and death are intertwined

November is a love month for me, more than valentine season. The remembering rites of people we love are held in November 1st and 2nd .This soul month, Ed and I prayed for our parents : Romualda Gan and Vivencio dela Torre, Cesar Villariba and Flotilda Collantes. Then we went to bond with two friend couples whose loved ones crossed over. Cha and Chuchi Cala flew from Calgary to bid goodbye to mother Mama Charing Cala . Maria Almazan and Aziz flew from Mumbai to take care of the final rites of her only brother Alec Almazan. We also paid tribute to Doc Juan Flavier in UP and remembered his parables. Why are all these rites important? Because as humans,we all share is death. Death spares no one and we need to learn why and how to face death.

I have witnessed many crossing over and marvelled how the spiritual energies soar over the human body. I cannot explain how I sense these energies but social rites and stories weave into the process of dying. When friends started requesting assistance in coping with grief and mourning during the final crossing, I would receive “messages” from the dying parent or sibling even when I was not present in the room. As I interpret the messages and send them to the family, I felt a sense that I can only describe as a loving” bilin”. When the “bilin” has been received well,there is a serenity that envelops the space where grief and mourning reside. As a witness to these rites of crossing over to afterlife, I am filled with love and respect.The main emotions humans relate well are love and respect. I think social rites of grief and mourning are precious paths to understanding this life and the after life. The mourning CIMG6309CIMG6309rites can link deep respect for the pain of the living and gratitude for the departing person. Prayers can provide the spine to weave energies into a tapestry of tributes. Yes, we all need to see death as the reason to love life and each other. For if we have never loved fully in this life, death will unveil the profound waste we made of this life.

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