Start the day inventing a grateful mood

Today one can invent a mood. Waking up after sleepless nights of watching cable FIFA games, I tried reinventing a mood after seeing Argentinian Messi who didn’t smile nor cheer after the final match with Germany. As he went up to receive his award as the most valuable player, he showed a sour attitude. Perhaps his bodymind told him there was nothing that could make him celebrate. Poor bodymind message. Having played in many matches and be honored as the MVP is an achievement no one from the 32 teams got. Why is Messi deaf to the cheering millions fans all over the world?
He chose not to be happy enough to smile and thanked the fans.

Being alive and aiming to be the One is laudable but there is more to life than being the greatest. One can open up to the myriad of enchanting challenges that life invents. Waking up each day and being conscious is magical in itself because we are a galaxy of energies. The moment we open our eyes and our brains click to tell us who we are – means our cellular system has correctly tuned in to the moment. It is like powering a million cell sites to connect with a million websites. Every sense, visual,auditory,tactile,olfactory,muscular are on track.

If I were Messi ,Robben, Neymar and the football icons -Pele and Maradonna, I will thank my bodymind and all the people who trained, nurtured and gave me the life force to be part of a global match. I have every reason to cheer and smile no matter what scores other players got. I have a choice and a reason to be happy. I am alive.

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