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Secrets to a Happy Life

October 24, 2013

“Life is short, the path of art long, a moment ephemeral,experience deceptive judgment difficult.”Hippocrates, born before Christ in 460. Today I will write my art lessons each day as my gift to my daughters Ayen and Minette, and to friends who want to live fully as women.

We grow with 4000 eggs already in our  mother’s womb.When our mothers release us  into the light, these eggs start to prepare the art of kindling the fire of humankind. Every lovemaking is a gift because it opens the channel to our womb making powers. But every menstruation signs off  the end of one egg becoming a human being.  As we bleed each month for many many decades, the number of babies we give birth decrease until  the full stop, the menopausal punctuation in every woman .

So my daughters, your bodies are intimate galaxies and treat them as you value gravity ,water and food.

In my career as a daughter, a sibling, a lover, a wife, a mother I have many planets orbiting around my solar womb. Today let me bring you to a small planet, the Klitoris. This part of our geography is the most sensitive, with 8000 firing lines called synapses and brings women to the nearest solar system. Get to know it because it will bring you where you find your most delightful moments . You will discover  the secret thousands of women knew long before modern science and world religions could tag it as sinful and insignificant in the war to dominate womenkind.

So study this planet and let the heavens blossom.


Mother to daughter tips for life

October 24, 2013

ImageipsEach day

January 10,2014. My first act of gratitude is to wake up hugging Ed.After a week of mourning for my father, Cesar A. Villariba,I feel grateful for a life he shared with us for 90 years. My second act is to pray for Ayen, who has been anxious waiting for her trip to study in Denmark. There have been snags, bumps on her path. I pray for patience with discernment ,the twin wings I wish her to grow. Time is not always a compass to plan one’s journey. Ayen could have planned for a month, a week, a day but the clock doesn’t always tell you what life challenges you to face.

As a mother, I can give her my time,my full attention and a heart that seeks wisdom. This will keep her boarding phase more meaningful.

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