Couples for change

In a garden full of laughter and light, Ed and I  went to the 60th birthday of Mon and Iting Isberto, good comrades who shared our decade of activism in the 70’s and have continued to work for a better country. It was an event that brought good friends to dine as one community , sing protest songs and launch Ester and Mon

Iting & Mon,Bicutan

Iting & Mon,Bicutan


‘s  Our 3rd Life, their life story.

The party got us to meet again the  family of Mon and Iting. We saw their children and grandchildren handle the whole celebration with ease and joy. I said to Ed, ” See how well the third generation welcome us seniors into their space with wit and humor.” It was  an event we enjoyed and will remember well into our 80s .

Friends and their families are like vineyards, the more they age, the more new grapes grow to make into new wine. To  enjoy  wine, am gathering the stories of couples who sowed seeds of struggle for a better nation and have taken active roles in communities Ed calls a Komunibersidad.

So friends, am going to write each of you to share a vineyard of life   so many families can  harvest  new grapes and ferment into new wine. Then we can drink as we age into our third lives.

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