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Virthdays with my Ed and family

July 15, 2013

1011971_10151714675087487_1150867278_n1056953_10151543850283450_1967033705_nVirthdays with my Ed and siblings

Going back in time : Ed was born on July 11, 1943. My brother Sonny brought him to our home one summer day in 1970 to meet my father Cesar Sr. I woke up hearing Ed talking to my father and mother. Little did I know that our life would be a series of journeys in four decades. I was twenty years curious and had just graduated from UP Diliman.
I wanted to be a teacher like my parents and was applying to teach in Luzonian College, now known as MSEUF in Quezon. Ed was young, tall, simpatico and interesting but he was a priest and I was not looking for a complicated relationship. So for ten years, I listened to most of his teach-ins and became politically active. When I got arrested and released in 1973, I wrote to Ed asking him for clearance to rejoin the movement.In those days,there were no HR group no Task Force detainees to help release detainees. Ed recruited me to the movement and so I turned to him for special recommendation. Ed sent word that I would be activated and I did, meeting new friends who are still my friends .When Ed got arrested in 1974, I no longer had links and kept to my group. One day in 1979, he called me for a Xmas gathering in his relatives’ house. He was on a Xmas pass and I went to see him again. He hugged me and was so happy to talk to me.

fAST Forward to the present : Ed is now 70 years old. His gift :Thirty-three seasons of learning together,creating spaces with people to find meaning in life, building a family across generations ( Yeyi is turning 40, Ayen is going 23. Minette thirtyish, the twins Ed & Yo running 5). In his Facebook poster art, Ed has painted our life’s series of lessons and I invite family and friends to view them.

There is one lesson I find very apt in our marriage : “But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love. let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. ” Kahlil Gibran


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