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Electric circuits in our brains: how to be smart, happy and active

May 24, 2013

Our own bodies ,especially our brains have electric circuits.Every energy inside us has a bio-electric element.I have friends who make televisions and electronic gadgets go haywire when they touch these gadgets.

I downloaded Dr. Andres Lozano demonstration in  TED Talks and studied his work in curing destonia, depression and brain issues by deep brain stimulation. He has a theory of brain electric circuits; that by stimulating these circuits, moods, movement and brain functions can be affirmed, added and altered ( our three As in learning).

Though his theory is somewhat risky in curing deteriorating brain functions, am not sure i want to support all his methods of implanting electrodes in the brain and stimulating the person with a switch. Is it possible to consider non-invasive approaches to healing people with depression ? Can children with destonia recover their movement with music and dance? Can people with  mood disorders be assisted with good diets and loving care?

Many surgeons advise people to undertake operations and it is always a risky procedure. I accept many people take these decisions, eg. Angelina Jolie, but I prefer exploring less risky and doable ways of making our brains work in correcting challenges. There are various meditation disciplines and some monks have been documented to alter their body temperatures in freezing rooms. There are  health protocols such as bodytalk systems, reiki, pranic healing, cranium massage, yoga, etc. that seek to release healing energies .

Imagination, as many scientists prove, is superior to knowledge and with our brains, stimulate  the best circuit in being human. Switch on!


If I were to solve Poverty as a newly elected Senator

May 22, 2013

 Brief Background :2013 marks our 21st year as ELF in sustaining learning partnerships with the grassroots,eg. the Aetas, our first indigenous people in the archipelago. Remembering and reflecting on our work as an ngo, Education for Life Foundation (ELF) has led me to focus on five insights that the new and young Senators should consider in solving our poverty issues:

1. Learning is not always a product of teaching by educated people or specialists. Those who work as educators-citizens must accept humility in teaching, that their knowledge and skills are needed by our citizens but the learning that happens may not always be the product of their efforts.

2. Knowledge can be shared and organized in many settings but the language and the culture where we share it must be the major features of the context of learning. When we use a language that is foreign to learners, eg. English or the dominant Tagalog vocabulary, learning will not succeed.

3. Learning  in actual life, learning from life is far more better than teaching  from books, from publications or videos.

4. Relationships matter in teaching and learning. Ken Robinson said “Education is a human system.” We cannot rely to learn mainly from educational systems that do not enhance human relationships. Computers and technologies can provide material for e-learning but human experiences are far superior to nurturing the need to learn.

5. The mind has two systems of thinking and remembering. Thinking and learning can happen in many instances,from being curious constantly to going into deep reflection and meditation. The science of thinking is still a vast frontier and developing philosophies of learning is a necessary task of educators.

Now if i were a senator, i will think and reflect regularly on current issues and memes. I will learn to articulate the micro, meso and macro needs of our citizens in order to legislate and lead our people to rise above poverty?

Having focused on these five lessons, i am challenging my colleagues, especially the newly elected women senators to think and learn how hunger can end and food security be realized in our lifetime. Our people deserve better .

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