Listening to a person in deep sleep is a gift sense

People who think it is so natural to sleep and wake up should give thanks. They should visit family members and friends who can no longer wake up – those who are in stupor or  they cannot regain their conscious self. This is the soul time everyone can learn from – that life has many facets but once our bodies can no longer activate conscious senses, special energies elicit a response from a community to care of us. What is this community I am speaking of? These are the remembering cells of our lives – the various experiences recorded in our bodies which sentient beings, called” intuitive carers” .

When I turned 50, i came to see, listen,smell,feel a special portal of communication. At first I was confused, I checked all my senses what I was receiving. After 10 years of interpreting messages from people whose normal channels of engagement have been cut off, I learned to listen well. I came upon the art of receiving messages with its weight, colours,sounds and associations. I learned by not being myself but being one with the recipient who needs it most. People whose  is in a deeper state; people who are termed retarded ,omatose states can communicate ! These persons have found a higher self and could send signals and messages over a distance to people they sense can receive them.

Today,waking up  conscious makes me grateful .I give thanks to my heart for beating for 64 years and to my brain , for taking care of my whole body while I sleep. I give thanks to the various organ systems for repairing any imbalance for 24 hours .I give thanks to the listening self, this sentience and  luminousity in our mind-heart.

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