Mater Dolorosa, Museums and Mothers

Mater Dolorosa, Museums and Mothers

Angela and I pause to admire the icon of Mother of Sorrows inside the San Augustine Museum. Holy Thursday was spent visiting churches and walking inside the Augustinian monastery to learn about its 450 years of mission work. I wonder how our development advocacy for our citizens can sustain even 100 years. As we enter the rooms, we notice three things that the Augustinians did :
one, they wrote,translated, published and circulated many spiritual books in the dialects, from Ilokano to Hiligaynun; second, they built and rebuilt churches in various islands until all these churches became sites for the faithful for 4 centuries; third, their missionaries were willing to be tortured, burned, crucified, disembowelled by the natives they wished to convert and save. The first, our ML activists have done but not sufficiently. The second, building permanent structures , on the dream table . The third, thousands have been detained,disappeared, tortured, died and are still on the path but never achieving enough recognition, not even acknowledgement as heroes.

As a mother now, I pray that the Catholic Church led by Pope Francis and its cardinals will really work harder and serve better. I pray that as women of perpetual sorrows, we will be given the freedom and resources to provide succour to all. Salve Regina, Mater Misericordia,Oh Pia, O Dulcis Virgio Maria.

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