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Water and our health

February 15, 2013

People drink coffee, tea, soda, wine, fruit juices and beer but  drink  less water. We think it is desirable to drink any of these beverages when life is good. Our bodies need more water than all these  drinks. We are almost 70-75 fluids, from our brains to our blood.  Practice hydration by imagining  our circulatory system flowing with your favorite drink – a soda or coffee. Your saliva ,your sweat and even your tears will dry up because there is not enough  water to attract the minerals that your body needs. Your skin will start wrinkling because its drying up and you will start to feel feverish because  your body’s temperature will start to rise. Your heart will go into a critical mode because its power to pump blood is deprived of oxygen and  blood gets thicker  to flow. Your brain cells will start entertaining suicide thoughts and its chemical neuroregulators will go haywire,  unable to regulate nor manage the body organs. Water is the vital element inside the cell, without it , the lost hydrogen and oxygen atoms will end your life.

Drinking water is  life’s most important act. One breathes without thinking, but drinking water adequately is an intelligent act.


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