20 minutes bodytalk for all


I have found more energy by tapping my bodymind every morning before i rise from bed. This tapping is like charging one’s 5 g fone or laptap  with the energies that illuminate our lives.  Senior citizens like me have continued working,pro bono, in projects to make life enjoyable. How ? With wellness security at its core, i have started my 10,000 hours of energizer system since 2009. This 10,000 hours means 20 minutes daily of body mindfulness  . According to  brain studies, our brains abhor boredom and need new stimuli  every 20 minutes to get better. When i trained with Dorothy Friesen and Ben Manalo on Access and Bodytalk fundamentals , I learned how to take care of my health concerns better. It even led me to help  people who are in remote or  difficult states of awareness, eg. forgetfulness,lethargic, ill, comatose .

People have requested me to share what and how i do this health service. I have blogged many times how i do it but there is one answer   : bodytalk system.  there is a website: http://www.bodytalksystem.com of the International Bodytalk Association (IBA). visit it.  learn from its videos.

This January 19-28 ,2013 to  we will start  bodytalk lessons and wellImagenness with Dorothy and a core of practitioners like me. NCR Contacts : Annie Lao 09178219587,Didi Estipona 09064734038, Gemma Bunag 09267183128. Please reserve slots now.


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