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20 minutes bodytalk for all

January 7, 2013


I have found more energy by tapping my bodymind every morning before i rise from bed. This tapping is like charging one’s 5 g fone or laptap  with the energies that illuminate our lives.  Senior citizens like me have continued working,pro bono, in projects to make life enjoyable. How ? With wellness security at its core, i have started my 10,000 hours of energizer system since 2009. This 10,000 hours means 20 minutes daily of body mindfulness  . According to  brain studies, our brains abhor boredom and need new stimuli  every 20 minutes to get better. When i trained with Dorothy Friesen and Ben Manalo on Access and Bodytalk fundamentals , I learned how to take care of my health concerns better. It even led me to help  people who are in remote or  difficult states of awareness, eg. forgetfulness,lethargic, ill, comatose .

People have requested me to share what and how i do this health service. I have blogged many times how i do it but there is one answer   : bodytalk system.  there is a website: of the International Bodytalk Association (IBA). visit it.  learn from its videos.

This January 19-28 ,2013 to  we will start  bodytalk lessons and wellImagenness with Dorothy and a core of practitioners like me. NCR Contacts : Annie Lao 09178219587,Didi Estipona 09064734038, Gemma Bunag 09267183128. Please reserve slots now.



“Always make yo…

January 7, 2013

“Always make your future bigger than your past.” Dan Sullivan and Catherine Nomura

Enjoy effortlessly

January 7, 2013

On january 5,2013, 163  activists people found the time and space to reunite, to remember and to recharge ties. it was a whole day affair that saw  four (4) generations hugging, singing, dancing and sharing meals. most of the attendees were born in the 40’s and 50s but their energies soared with those born in the 60s, 70s, 80s,90s plus. three children of the 2000’s.

One law of lifetime growth : “Make your enjoyment greater than your effort” sums up the eventImageImage

3 tips for a lasting lovelife

January 4, 2013

IMG_0088DSC_1597</Always find a moment to expand your reach and go for long walks .
Remember you are capable of loving for life.Travel together to new places and enjoy new experiences.

Enjoying life each day by remembering and reflection.

January 4, 2013

An epiphany came to me today. With our two minds, the experiencing self needs its partner- the remembering self to be in synch. Many people suffer from lost memories like my father Cesar, 90 years old, doesnt remember my mother passed on last March 2012 but remembered her during his final month in December. My aunt Zenaida, his sister, doesnt remember how to contact her siblings. But not only old people forget. My daughter Ayen,23 years old, keep losing her chargers and usb, cannot remember where she left them. My husband Ed also has to ask me where our favorite books are shelved and if he cannot find them, will buy new copies like those of Stephen Covey and  Nassim Taleb.

Why do we forget ? There are always short memories, medium term and lifelong term memories.

What we experience is not always stored in our memory cells. What allows us to remember are those experiences we find

meaningful and makeTatay Iba pics1056953_10151543850283450_1967033705_n us feel deeply . Memorizing by rote can only help for a period but those that stay on are the reflections that we do frequently.

So if one is at risk of senility, Alzheimer, dementia , then it is necessary to reserve each day an hour of reflection for what you did . The memories of yesterday are assisted by faces, by people who take time to engage you. Faces, especially those gentle faces with smiles, will lift you from a fog of forgetfulness. Even aromas, have a usefulness in making you remember – the scent of cooking, the fragrance of a garden or a bouquet can help transport you into a state of joy vivre. So keep remembering, reflecting and life will blossom into a  fragrant moment. Such moments will fill a garden and your daily life will keep you joyful.

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