Nanay’s 10 Xmas/New Year Legacies

After 21,12,12 went  without ending our life, I remembered Nanay’s lessons and am posting 10 of them for family and friends.

1.Love all the children and guide them towards a life of generosity.  Nanay loved us all unconditionally, whether we were good or disobedient. Have sympathy for all especially the children of families in need.

2. Work  to earn enough to live comfortably and be able to afford summer vacations with picnics and host holiday parties for family and friends.  Like clockwork, we all had memorable summer vacations in Liliw,Meycauayan,Atimonan and Quezon City.  Never  flaunt  one’s comforts nor be ostentatious.

3. Attend to bookkeeping and list down all loans. Nanay  filed all the receipts and budgets in her  notebooks. I saw all our  tuition fees and allowances listed in her annual calendars.

4. Be fashionable, look pretty as May flowers. Nanay made  chic dresses  for the girls and had all our gowns made by a modista  Dakila who was famous for handpainted  gowns.

5. Excel as students but not pressure  nor  force children to be honor students. Allow them enough playtime so they can be happy.

6. Never brag one’s talents nor achievements. It is enough one has fulfilled goals that make the family proud. She attended all our  13 graduation rites, her  20 apo’s graduations and great apo’s nursery events.

7. Be present for the children and teach them home chores.  Mentor the  children to be diligent when running errands and doing duties. Nanay expected all our rooms to be clean and mindful of our hygiene, especially our dental and personal care. Nanay’s undies in the laundry always smelled fragrant.

8. Adore God unconditionally and be active spiritually. Nanay’s spiritual discipline and devotion was consistent with her values and she lived her faith with hope and  charity.

9. Nanay gave Tatay 64 years of   productive love and kept the family bonds growing to include adopted children and relatives. She never threw a tantrum at Tatay and kept her tampo gentle. No fuss, no scandal ever erupted in our midst.

10. Serve the larger community and multiply energies to make this life better for many.

Nanay, thank you for all your lessons. May you have eternal Xmases. We love you.Nene 80cesar and nene villariba

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