Dying to return home

Today, my aunt Araceli Villariba Remigio, sister to my father Cesar, aka Mamang Cely went home. Our Villariba clan  with the Remigios offer prayers for her peaceful journey home. As i wrote to grieving families, my remembering self give thanks to all the moments she made us feel her love and thoughtfulness.

As i grieve and cry, i sense her thoughts that is is a homecoming. Yes, this is her final journey and we hope it will be joyful, reuniting with Nanay Nene,Tio Mario, Tia Anita,Tio Carding, Tia Bella,Tia Lina, Tio Patty and her parents Simporiano  Villariba and Maria Araneta whom we never met since the family was orphaned .

To comfort myself, i searched the web and found the words of Rabbi Abraham Heschel on death as seeking understanding of the meaning of life and death. He wrote that finding the meaning of life and  death leads to  the harvest of eternal moments achieved on earth. I find this significant because Mamang Cely sowed many good seeds while alive and now she is harvesting all these good deeds. So what is the meaning of life?

Rabbi Heschel shares these words and i quote : ”  The meaning of Life is to reconcile liberty with service, the passing with the lasting, to weave the threads of temporality into the fabric of eternity.”

Mamang Cely, now you are Home,we thank you and ask that you keep us in your heart .   It is your time to enjoy the harvest of eternal happiness and  eternal love.CIMG6033

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