Plant Talk:Ginhawa ng Halimuyak

SambongToday is as exciting as yesterday. Why? Because  life teaches us that time is not what it is but what we make of it. I have been reading how our brains compose the world we live in and it is exciting to know that everything, from plants to the animal kingdom, share a common source of energy – PLANTS. All living plants use oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen. The photosynthesis that plants do is a life factory that no human can ever duplicate. As you look closely at leaves with a microscope, you will see the stomata where  solar energy enters and where the process of making chlorophyll starts. The stomata looks like human mouths and vaginas. They pulsate as oxygen comes out. People who care for plants know the time when these stomata are opening and closing, when they change colors and why these plants are precious.

In the ancient times, many babaylans studied our plants across a thousand islands. They found its many treasures, from food to medicines, from shelter to cleaning rivers and transforming salt water to fresh water. They examined its  shape,scent, color, taste, texture and even its sound as the wind danced around gardens and forests. The ancient study of science began with this botanicals and it developed into horticulture and later, the biological sciences.

Now, my babaylanship is progressing towards  food security and bodytalk with babies, teenagers, terminally ill to final departees and plant talk is very valuable in my service. Every plant has a gift and its message with its aroma is a healing conversation. I  study plant aromas for its life saving gift.

Why are  scents important? When our babies were born, it is our our signature aroma they identify. All of us has a distinct smell. When I travel for days, I  leave a worn cloth for my baby to comfort her.  When we make love, our bodies deliver its love potions with an undeniably exciting aroma. In times of final boarding phase, the departee  whose sight fades but not her sense of scent is hugged by fragrance and comforted by  familiar odor of family members. Our sense of smell ,as doctors say, is the last to fade when we breath our final moment.

For comfort, the fresh smell of sambong leaves can pick you up from slumber. I use it for morning baths and tea. Rose oil scents are one of the finest gifts.  Jasmine, sampaguita and champaca scents are soothing. Mornings are best for picking aromatic plants since their stomata are open. Most of us do not need to buy expensive perfumes. All you need is to eat aromatic plant leaves, drink  oregano or mint tea , of which spearmint gives you the best fragrant mood. As you breathe you exude the air that welcomes love. Ginhawa to the max.

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