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Expanding one’s energy for Advent

November 19, 2012

The xmas shopping season is palpable now with all the traffic signs. Ed and i went out to have a sunday date and took a cab to Trinoma. What greeted us in Edsa was a long queue to get to Trinoma and the cab driver left us out before we could enter the road to the supermarket since he couldnt get in nor out of it. Then there were the many people hearing mass inside the mall. “Ed, how do you describe this, a shoppers ‘s mass or a commercial transaction to get people to hear mass ?” said maldita girlie. Ed was quiet as we wove our way to a place to eat. All the floors were busy with people shopping and we found ourselves going in a buffet place because we were too hungry to look for the place that served souffle. “How much is the buffet? ” I asked Ed. “P650 per pax.” We were too hungry and asked to be seated right away. Ed and i looked around and there were many families occupying long tables. Hmmm, These must be overseas filipinos, I thought, since how can they afford such rates per pax? There were 30 dishes offered, Ed and i could only eat 6-8 courses, from sukiyaki soup to main dishes and dessert. One item i took got us laughing because we couldnt remember its name. It took me an hour to remember the name of the food – scallops! Ed said that the remembering synapses in our brains are slowing down.

But the main point of this blog is to get ready for the Advent challenge. SO let me get to the main point – conserve your day and plan . Dont rush into the traffic, thinking you can get work goals done since it’s monday. Breath in trinity steps – inhale slowly thru the nose, hold with your diaphragm billowing like a melon, then exhale through the mouth. These 3 steps will circulate enough oxygen and get your dopamine flowing for clarity. Take your breakfast slowly and drink after a meal. if you like coffee or tea, drink alkaline water first since the whole night had been using up your fluids.

Then go to the garden and walk around the plants, greet them as they open up their stomata to exude oxygen.

When you had an hour after a meal, then take your bath and sing in the shower. Your heart will start with a happy tune for the day. Remember your heart has not stopped pumping and you need to cheer it for more work.

Then imagine this day to be your most special day , maybe the final day (who knows you will cross over soon) and make each moment count.

Cheers and have that moment shine.


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