A Babaylan’s Day

Every morning I ask: What will make this day joyful for me and my loving family?

Having grown wiser at 61 going 62, I devote my energies to work that will inspire others and to tasks that I allow me to remain healthy and happy. I learned life is more complicated when I became a babaylan so I decided to simplify my daily focus.

People will need to respect my space and time – if they need something from me, i need enough time to prepare especially if the requests are life-enhancing and are spiritually challenging.

At the Bantayog ng mga Bayani rites yesterday I conversed with a friend that honoring the heroes and martyrs is a good way to spend the day. It helps us reflect  with our families and communities who have their share of the spirit of heroism.

Within the same day, I had a friend asking about his nephew who passed on to the afterlife last week.I told him that contacting his nephew’s soul is a very difficult request . I need to cocoon myself for 24 hours in meditation to serve this request  and to ask permission from the sacred web. Once the permission is given, I can only receive sense data and cannot ask questions. Once the sense data is received, I have to validate it within that sacred moment. In my experience  I cannot hold that channel for more than an hour. The time inside the sacred web is different from our biological time . Being mindful, I refrain from accepting  grieving questions from the family, eg. where did he go? why did he leave so soon? did he say anything about family members who have issues with them?  Such questions are not for me to present to the soul. What I receive is what I transmit in its simplest sense. I serve when we  need to learn what life and death teaches us. These  lessons are part  of living the good  and honorable life.


Postscript. This week in October another friend wanted to know what her husband is feeling since its their 18th wedding anniversary. I asked for an hour to hydrate myself so i can make the call. The art of receiving a message from beyond is like what Virginia Woolf said of writing :  words have  weight, colours, sounds, associations from which one composes..one can do this effectively by imagining that one is not the recipient but another person who needs  the message most.”

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