What we need to remember in the face of death

Today, i have to write what Isabel Allende said “Write what should not be forgotten. Writing is a process, a journey into memory and the soul.”

First, I love my husband, lover, lifelong friend and co-learner – Ed dela Torre. He lives in my heart wherever he is – today he is on his way to Cagayan de Oro. Before leaving our garden, he kissed me and I said” Am not ready to be a widow so please return alive.” Smiling, Ed tenderly closed the gate after and went to his meetings. Around noon, I get his text “About to take off luv for CDO. See you tomorrow.”

Second, I love my daughter -Ayen, who is busy with her work in Nestle as an HR trainee. All of her 22 years I have nurtured her to find her own passion, create her future and be happy. Ed and I take time to share a daily meal and listen to her insights, her experiences in work and her goals.

Third, I am grateful to my family, from my parents , the 12 siblings and 10  siblings-in marriage and the 49 nieces and nephews plus my extended family members. All the challenges we shared and overcame with joy will always be part of our remembering selves.

Fourth, I am proud and thankful of all the communities I served, locally and globally  and was a part of  my growing years and to which I still belong  in my  senior years.

Life and death is one, inseparable from the moment of birth. When I die, I will live as  a remembering soul. What i breath into my life, will continue in the breath of those whom i cared for and they will breathe their love into mine. Nothing will be wasted because love is an energy that grows as one transforms into another energy.

For my soul list ( i prefer soul rather than bucket because love cannot be poured into a pail), i have the following goals:

Expand people’s compassion and make Filipinos excel in caremanship. We are caregivers par excellence.

Go to places where people nurture everything, from the ferns and moss  in the forests  to the rivers that meander in our towns and cities.

Plant  edible plants and trees  in  inner spaces, alleyways, rooftops , vacant lots, all the places where people go hungry. Stop the hunger, especially of children and mothers.

Make beautiful art with any element – soil, mud,roots, trunks, leaves, branches,stones, seeds, anything that is renewable.

Write poems, stories that gladden the hearts of those in pain and surviving injustice. Give these poems and stories  as healing gifts.

Five is enough. I invite friends who can do these five tasks with me today.

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