Hunger Games: How to win these games?

For those who are hungry, cannot find affordable good food, ask yourself: Where ?

For those who are hungry, can buy healthy food you desire, ask yourself: Where ?

For those who never knew hunger, are willing to help those who are hungry, ask us: How?

All these questions are targetting people who can join SOAP: Support Organic Agriculture in the Philippines. SOAP is one big answer to the hunger games.

Sandy Celi and thirty more  food catalysts are running a directory for organic agriculture practitioners, suppliers, agriclients and  health advocates. It is a private volunteer initiative that needs time, energy and goodwill. People here are spending their energies for a cause: To end hunger now.

My blog is about hunger alleviation and i started with 3 questions to reach the foodies and goodies among us. Why? When you look at the rate of hunger in our country, you will discover that millions among our  landless farmers,small fishers and  coconut workers eat twice a day and it is not even a full meal.  I used to feed street children every week in our village for a decade until they grew old enough to earn their daily needs. Now i feed more  informal settlers who lose their jobs and homes to fire, floods and demolitions.

I have stopped  putting the blame on inefficient government agencies, limited church projects, civil organizations who generate more money but serve less, corporate foundations with lots of advocacies but low on impact. Since life is precious, time is my only resource, I have focused on what can help people feel good in an hour, learn in a day and make their bodyminds grow – that is food and food lessons.  But since I am not a millionaire nor  can get a sponsor billionaire, I have to get people who can run better services – that is the SOAP people. They are in Facebook and are easy to link up with.

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