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Healing and dying are friends who find us

July 24, 2012

Each day, i talk to my bodymind to thank it for all the healing it provides. Last July 19, I met a mother face to face whose son I have been in contact with through a psychic portal. The mother flew all the way from Thailand to see me, she said ” I wanted to meet you for the first time.” I was grateful  because I have never met her nor her son but it felt i am  connected to them and have  always known them.

What is the story here? Her son was born , at first, a normal baby. Then she noticed her baby was not the usual curious baby. After a series of tests, the son was diagnosed with severe retardation. As he grew, he had brain seizures  and the doctors added  autism, legal blindness, nonverbal, and other issues to his slate.The mother sought all kinds of doctors and prayed hard each day. She was told her son will not reach the age of 18 because of his impairment, neither can see, nor  communicate. She never knew if her son even knew her.

Until  last summer of  2011.  I was approached by a friend who had a link to the mother’s friend who told her about me. after a series of emails, the contact was made. It has been a year since I gave the mother what she wanted to know – that her son knows and loves her through his sense of smell and through the many little things his bodymind can interact with. I told the mother (for confidentiality, no mention of names) that her son is able to tell me how he feels, what he senses in his life and what he wants – to be with her, his grandfather and the woman he is attracted to. I wrote to the mother to validate the details of his story, which she did and realized it can come only from her son because I never was in their home and could never imagine what i received from him.

How did I do it? I can only share another story – I was serving a family whose artist sister was dying and she was in coma with a cancer issue. The artist wanted to heal and refused to die. So I listened to her and did what is called babaylan sensing and bodytalk. The artist had her way of sending visual images to me and it led to our organizing an exhibit of all her favorite works in a gallery. It has been a year since the art exhibit and she is still alive, though still in coma.

Healing and dying are like friends who find us at the right moment, wherever we are. These friends may be called ” special verbs” with wings and somehow they will find whom they need. I always tell friends ” Am the receiving call agent, not the usual call center but nonetheless those who need me find me.”

I understand that all of us are interlinked in this life. There are those whose  illness allows them to manifest  links while finding meaning in their illness. There are those whose final moments bring them enlightenment . These people help us focus and help us appreciate our connectivity beyond the digital world. There is a more profound link that we all have and need to be fully conscious of.

The most important insights I got from serving those who are in these ‘verbs’  : “Living with love, healing with a respect for the bodymind and solidarity with the  ones who wish to die beautifully.”


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