How to realize your new year’s goal

Every friend I know does a new year’s resolution. This year i have more friends now who say ‘let’s have a community goal for saving ourselves from disaster.” due to the recent storms and tragedies. I have done a share of  life healing deeds this year and knowing how precious using my senses is, i vow to be sensitive and mindful  to a hundred people, friends and future friends.”

Why and how does this sensing and mindfulness work ? In the language of  common sense ( from Gramsci) and  brain science (from the neuroscientist  Dr.Luria)  we can use our eyes, ears, hands,nose and taste buds to know the life movies that goes on in our minds. Yes, we are constantly making a movie of our life with our brain and heart. This movie is non-stop and weaves all kinds of stories that get embedded in our skin, our heart, our brain.

When I studied  body talk health system with Dorothy Friesen and Ben Manalo, they gave me a protocol that systematize the techniques for balancing the brain and allowing to view one’s  health issues . When I learned the biomuscular feedback in the early 70’s, I didn’t know that 4  decades after, this technique has been used by body talk system to listen and learn about the body’s current priorities. I was amazed at how fast the body gave  an answer to the query where to find the imbalance. I also realized the body system is like a galaxy of organs, nerves, muscles, blood vessels, synapses and cells communicating their work and issues. For two years, i practiced sensing and listening on my family and friends until word got around that i could even ‘converse with those in comatose states.”

How does this help realize one’s new year goal? First, make a story of your goal – a beginning, a middle and an end. Say ” I am  Alice in Wonderland. I will make 2012 a year of adventures.” Or you can do Harry Potter ”  I AM the  boy who survived to be the greatest wizard.”  Second, be imaginative and visualize your settings, your ensemble or supporting cast  and write your script with all the emotions that inspire you. Third, do it now, not after xmas, not after 2012 strikes, but today. For me, i prefer the epic stories so that it keeps me on my best toes – like living the life of Lord of the Rings or  Princess Amygdala of Star Wars. This story will resonate in your energy and what you wish to be, to do, if viewed and experienced by people who see you,  who sense you, who listen to you – will make your story come true.

Life is a blossoming story . Make your new year a wonderful story where you are the main actor. Do it now.

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