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Soulsmithing on Halloween

October 31, 2011

Halloween is observed in our country for as long as I can remember. As a child,on the evening of Nov.1st, we would go from one house to another singing the song “Nangangaluwa” and ask for a “limos” so that the doors of heaven will not close on us. Most of the neigbors who knew us would give us money and we didnt have to wear any masks nor expensive costumes. All we would do is thank the people who opened their doors and gave us money.

Now that am soulsmithing, I list down all the people I know will welcome the prayers I offer in their behalf. As I  learned and experienced people sending their messages during their final crossing phase across lifezones, I added papercuts as prayer rolls. Last friday, I  hang the prayer rolls in our garden. In the medieval ages, the Scottish and Irish traditions made this Halloween rites part of their autumn rituals and the Scots and Irish believed that the souls need to be ushered from purgatory to heaven.

I pray for the hundred and twenty one persons on my prayer roll. Sophie Bodegon posted a lovely prayer in her Facebook wall . My favorite is Rumi’s discovery of the Divine  and am reposting it in this blog with Steve Job’s  final words.

“I am bewildered by the magnificence of your beauty,
and wish to see you with a hundred eyes.
I am in the house of mercy,
and my heart is a place of prayer.”

“Oh Wow, Oh wow,Oh wow.” Steve Jobs


Happy Art

October 3, 2011

When you use your hand to fold a paper and it turns into a flower, your brain grows a synapse that makes you happy. Use your hand, fold paper into origami and be happy.

Every day think good of 7 people

October 3, 2011

Everyday when I wake up, I devote a moment of prayer, for at least 7 people. This includes those who ask for help , those whom I wish to be well and those who crossed over.

Today, I was joyful to hear from a friend, Eva Betita who told me her husband Bebot found my blogs here in wordpress. I havent seen these two friends for years and am happy they are well and happy. Eva is our RP ambassador to Brazil and also Surinam and Guyana. Our friendship goes a long way to the UP years in the mid 60’s.

I also had to pray for another friend, Boteng Santiago when Eva and Bebot wrote about. Boteng was a good friend way back in the UP days though he was an Atenean.

Friends are gifts you give to oneself. It is important to remember friends. Having many friends you think of  multiplies your  soul gifts . Even thinking good of friends who have not been in touch will give you a wonderful energy. But the precious lesson for me is thinking of strangers as friends in waiting. So smile at everyone and be kind. You will never be wanting in friends when you do it.

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