How I communicate with persons in coma

People approached me to ask “”Can you help us with a loved one who is in coma?”

When I accept the request, a family member would usually inquire  “How do you communicate with people in coma states ?”When I give them a story, “the people dig deeper ” Can you talk to people  also who are diagnosed with ALS or severe autism?”

This blog is a photo story. It shares how I prepare for a request to help a family talk to their loved one who is in coma. First my name is given to the person whom I need to receive messages from. It is a request for permission to enter her/his inner mind and heart.

Then I do my meditation until I receive a message which gives me an image or a word to work on. I usually prefer not to know anything except the name and birthdate of the person. This allows me enough energy and space to interpret and validate if the images or words are coming from the requested person.

I take my origami paper and start folding while I wait for more messages. When I get at least 3 words correct that identifies the person, then I breath and go to the more relaxed state of consciousness . I send the messages in sms or email forms to a family or friend who has accepted the task of being my co-communicant. The conversations with the person can be short, can be in a phrase  or the person can travel and show me places where she/he is. It helps if am able to check immediately with the co-communicant where the person used to go so that my mind is not overloaded and the messages are sent clearly.

I may get a message for a deed to be done by the family and I stress  this deed as priority . After a  day, or a week , I usually inform the family to be more receptive so that they can continue talking to the person. If the family needs more time for the deed to be completed, I continue the service but this means more energy on my side. It is like being on 24/7 call from beyond and my senses are at its peak performing rate. It does affect my daily routine and I have to avoid crowds . I also have to stay at home and be quiet. On the other side,  when the family notice or sense a certain serenity in the house ,I can close the channel until another message comes. It is normal for the family to ask ” Please wake her up  ”  when I start receiving messages, in visual or a variable of sense forms. Gently I explain ” I cannot wake her up po. She answers in another state . It is not in my power to do so.”    I offer prayers so that the person can feel she/he is loved and is safe.

This is Aca’s painting of her sisters. She has been in coma for 10 months now but she has a beautiful mind and colours her messages with love. Love is the main source of the energy from where she communicates and from where I receive.

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One Comment on “How I communicate with persons in coma”

  1. Sharlene Says:

    this is cool stuff but I dont know what to think just yet. Since I was 3 I have seen things from the other plain(s). I know God is real from death experiences. only now the only person on this dirt claude floating in space that passed gifts to me has been in a coma for over 5 months. he is my best friend and he talks to me in my sleep and during my normal daily routine. he is my life and I am his pain in the butt. He is my Father. the only one who understands my freaky gifts and now I have no one to talk to or share about weird things or pray with that truly knows. all I know is I just wish there was some way I could be with him in the realm or perhaps state he is in, in the same way so we can talk and laugh, and hear him call me his ‘Baby’. He is my life. the only ‘Man’ I have ever understood, and has understood me spiritually and that what he had he passed down to me from God. thank U for reading. Sharlene.

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