Solving energy healing issues

I am writing this blog to share and ask for help in solving energy healing issues. I have been doing remote healing with family and friends for over a decade now. I have studied various disciplines and have practiced tetada kalimasada and bodytalk protocols for healing. The healing issues I have handled ranged from fevers to terminal illnesses. Lately, requests have come from families with a member in comatose or in the ICU or in assisted living. I call these final boarding phases and usually will accept as a transmitter of messages and in the event of a final crossing, to assist the living to understand what is transpiring.

I have a sense why i can receive messages from comatose persons but i tell the family that i cannot communicate everything they want to know. i usually receive and transmit but do not conduct q and a sessions with the person. the wonderful thing is that the messages can be validated by another person, either a friend or a relative who receives the same messages. it may not happen simultaneously but in my experience, the person gets the same messages.

how do i do it?  when a request is made, either by text or email, i do the first sensing from a distance – either the person is in cubao, cavite or as far as cagayan de oro. i usually ask for at least three hours to prepare myself if it is urgent but if the family can give me three days, better. my name is given to the person in need and i request for permission to scan her/his conditions, eg. like the protocol of bodytalk system asking for innate wisdom. when i get at least 3 items that provides the ID it is coming from the person, i accept the service. the mode of communication is meditative and i focus on what the person wants. i ask for a family member with a mobil fone to be accessible so she/he can observe anything i need to validate, if the person’s head is warm, if her lips are parched, if the person’s hand moves as i scan. then i transmit the messages and for as long as i can attend to the person, am on call.  when the person ask for a face to face visit, i accept only if the distance is within a day’s travel. otherwise, i can still do it from any location. the longest is for a month but not longer than 40 days. the whole service also can start from the final hour to the internment. but i avoid being in the ICU or in the chapel when family starts to grieve. i respect this sacred moment and rarely do i want to be present when the doctor announces the medical moment that the person is dead. it is enough that the family believes their loved one has crossed over serenely and that i was of help in that matter.

the problem i have now is accepting more than one ER call. this march, i accepted six ER calls  from friends and last night, my blood pressure went down to 70/50. i was so tired and went to bed after lunch. after  tapping my cortices and heart, taking water and hydrating myself, my bp still was dangerously low. i already texted Ed and wrote on my FB wall in case i lose consciousness. i did my breathing ala duduk nafas and prayed i wake up alive and well.

lui  manansala wrote on my  FB wall to clean myself of all the toxic energies with salt and i thank her for that. everyone told me to take a rest but my problem is that there are still two friends in their fragile condition. if i close the channels  – i also dont know if i close it well since i still get the message), i would be abandoning them and my consciousness will bother me. also, can one take only one client at a time? what is the optimum number of clients for healing from a distance? what should i refuse to take on?

so friends, help me design a better healing regimen. for those who dont know me, am a trained psychologist and educator  for 3 decades. these healing services are pro bono even if i call the persons in need as ‘clients ‘.  i have done it because of empathy and compassion. i do not advertise my services and wouldnt write about it the way i do now.  but  going online  helps because  i need help.

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4 Comments on “Solving energy healing issues”

  1. YIN SAN Says:

    Am not a trained psychologist, nor medical practitioner, but I will send you positive vibes, which I believe can travel through space, and be transformed in some way, so hopefully it reaches you at some point.

  2. dexal Says:

    Your Powerful Healing with Love….What a Wonderful Service To Humanity At Large! May Almighty Bless You More….Please May I know your contact number or email Ma’am Girlie? Thanks.

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