Being Sixty and Sassy

Today think of the 100th year of women’s liberation and share a story. Why ? More than a billion women are not quite liberated but can enjoy some freedom. With an audacious attitude similar to that of the heroines of the turn of the century, women can plan revolutions, in small and big ways.

Yesterday, Ed and I went to have dinner with a dreamer-storyteller. She has been planning for 20 years to access a fund that will make poverty history, at least that is my take on her stories and the reason I listen.

After listening to her story and finishing a delicious japanese dish of tofu and salmon, I went on to a thread of planning my own story. I wish to start regreening and “revegitating “mountains. There is Mt. Boso Boso in Antipolo yearning for trees to save the watershed serving metropolitan Manila. There is Mt. Pinatubo which the Aeta communities are revitalizing to save Central Luzon from further impoverishment.
I asked Ed “If we have a 100 million pesos this year, can we reforest and plant rice on 15,000 hectares?” “Ed replied ” If the communities are organized and empowered.”

I immediately tapped my cortices/heart and imagined sixty people’s organizations going up the two mountains and planting rice, root crops, vegetables and fruit trees. I also started (in my head and heart )seeing a thousand women writing emails, blogging and sending sms to many volunteers all over Luzon to help organize schedules of teaming up with the Aetas and Dumagats. Suddenly the tools and directories in WordPress, Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail and the websites these women create will compete for attention. Maybe, just maybe we will reach a million more women and men every month and the buzz for regreening will be like waves of human hands tilling the soil, planting,watering mountains. Is this all possible?
Today, I believe so. Wombs create life. With all the life inside us women, let’s do it. Mabuhay tayong lahat!

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One Comment on “Being Sixty and Sassy”

  1. I’d like to be among the one million volunteers.

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