celebrating the new year with growing minds

ed and i are  past, present and future positives – we live in three zones. as the old year 2010 ends in a few hours, i went to pray for the people who crossed over this week. i went to my altar and lighted five candles and thought of all the journeys the “crossees” are experiencing in the cosmic worlds. i remembered lito tiongson, husband of maloy quesada tiongson, who crossed over in 2003 . he sent me many messages and told me of the nebulous worlds he is travelling into. i think of these nebulous worlds when i pray for those who crossed beyond this life.

earlier i went to reflect on what the year 2010 brought us. the korean award  for ed’s public service was a most pleasant event and we didn’t expect it. it brought us to a part of the korean culture – agriculture – that we didnt know much about. it also gave us new friends – the kim family – and reunited us with an old friend oh jae shik. ed and i travelled to cambodia and met more new friends. there i practice a new health protocol called bodytalk and surprised these new friends with a reading of their bodies. ayen asked us to fly to hongkong and we had a good time with edna aquino, milabel cristobal and her daughters. ayen found hongkong shopping so good that she flew there again with two friends during their semestral break.

i asked myself, what more could i be thankful for in 2010? my becoming a senior citizen! ed celebrated  it with many gifts – from taking time to design my aphorism album to planning a grand concert. the album came out beautifully with 56 aphorisms, 4 short of 60. the grand love concert – i requested to be rescheduled for 2011 when we have enough time and funds.

so what are these growing minds? it means going to all the 3 time zones that ed blogged about earlier and leaping into 2011 with more hope and joy. as netizens, we think we have refired our synapses and are ready for more challenges. so family and friends, join ed and i as we refire our hearts and minds to welcome 2011.

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