Making the Rest of Your Life the Best of your Life

Art Linkletter,94 years old and Victor Hansen,62 years, wrote a book “How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life” 2006. Ed gave me this book as one of his gifts when I turned 60. Reading it with Ed gave us delight and Ed made a photo album of our life’s lessons.

Now for friends who are in your 60s, you are  empowered to be who you  like to be, to do what you imagine you can do. Ed and I always make each week  a learning journey  – separately and then collectively. I go searching in the web for my concerts in YouTube and Ed goes to TED for his conferences. Ed ‘s schedules are always hectic and he flies to various provinces and countries. Facebook gives us the joy of knowing and seeing where the  learning moments happen and we upload for family and friends to share. We chat online and post our blogs so that we can see where we are making a difference. The online  information loop is a wonderful vehicle.  We meet old and new friends with their “like” and “comments” on our adventures. Having taught ourselves to navigate cyberspace has been a fruitful lesson – becoming Netizens.

For those who are younger than us seniors, take time to savour your age. Youth bursting with imagination is a gift and you can dive into oceans of lessons. Our aphorisms on the Rules of Life’s Games by Cherry Carter-Scott are fitting lessons for all and relevant to today’s generation.

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