We are One Breath

As I enter meditation last night I saw what Fe  Mangahas shared last Nov.29 – that we can enter a sacred space and we are one breath. What is a sacred space ? For people who meditate, reflect on where meditation brings you. For people who pray in sacred places, remember why you took the pilgrimage.

Simply put, when we enter sacred space we breathe as One. This is the principle of communion – we are One . What we think, feel and do have an impact on everyone and everything. When one creates  an act of love, this love energizes people whom you know and do not know yet . That is why becoming spiritual is a big responsibility – because you have to care for all living and nonliving. The sacred space that one enters is the creation space – where all begin and grow. This is what Siddharta, the Buddha, discovered when he became the Buddha – the awakened being.

But if one is not awakened, or does not even want to be awakened, what happens? I can risk saying that he/she will inflict pain and suffering on himself/herself  and others. The evil that men and women do is a result of violating the principle of  Creation and One Breath. We are spiritual beings with a human purpose.

We need to learn how to fulfill the journey  of creation. We need to learn  breathing life into everything. We  have the responsibility to teach as many beings to be spiritual members  in communion with the One Breath. When we go through our daily work, we must be aware that we are not just earning a living. Our daily life is our journey towards the sacred space – we do not need to accumulate wealth, to be powerful. What we are and who we are  – are not measured by degrees of material and social wealth, but by  love and compassion for all. How we become inclusive, all loving is the challenge to us. But mindful of the evil that surrounds us. Becoming both a dove and a serpent is one metaphor applicable in these perilous times especially for leaders who get to  rise in power.

When we die, this love and compassion is the only light that guides us to the final journey.

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