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Finding loved ones across the universe

November 3, 2010

This november month of final departures, I got my senses organized. Why? Being encouraged by Liling Briones and Ed to write about my experiences in receiving messages from people in the afterlife, I told myself “I dont know anything to teach people how to do it.” I kept repeating this statement in my head and heart for a week, like unlearning, unseeding all my inhibitions and fears. I told Ed ” I will try”. I replied to Liling B. “Maybe.”

Then today, as I turn on the music in my cpu, “”I suddenly wrote the Sabbath 10″. YES? this is the way to communicate. Am not saying to impress anyone, am not a channel nor a whisperer, as they call mediums. I did not go to school to be a soulchologist.

So for the sake of finding loved ones who are across galaxies, I will state my version of virtual soultalk.

Turning the love in one’s heart and mind helps. I look at crossing, not as dying. I call the person” departee.”  I speak with reverence and ask for permissions from the departee. It is similar to what I do in bodytalk – I ask for permission. Once it is given, I listen. But how does one get permission from the departee ? It gets into your head and heart. I do not have any agenda,  and am prepared  to be denied. I feel I have no claim to her/his soul time. I wait, for 24 hours or even three days. I dont attend any events or go to my work while waiting. I meditate and dedicate my time to the departee.

When the departee responds, I stay quiet and use all my senses to discern. I dont go to her/his wake unless invited by the departee  nor contact anyone until the messages are validated. How do I validate it ? I stay open, remember to write every word, image or sound. Then I ask for a word, a sign, an image to accompany the message that family members can confirm.  I send it via sms  or email  to a family  member requesting for the message – yes, digital technology helps – because I avoid being in a public space where I can be distracted.

If the departee asks for more time, I wait and interpret each message as incomplete or continuing. I try very well to be faithful to the message but know it is my interpretation . As Ed taught me, my receptacle (head and heart) shapes the message. The whole experience can take a day or a week or even a year. My shortest was a friend’s husband – one day for the wake. My longest was another friend’s husband – a year until he said goodbye to explore “nebulous worlds “.

Yes, I do it for  love. I do not ask for any fee nor for any gift. In itself, the contact and its impact is a gift. Death means more than what we know of it.The soul is alive across the universes. Even Socrates wrote about it and many more philosophers alluded to it. Oca Francisco and Lito Tiongson  validated it not just for me but for everyone who love them . I thank these two friends and many more souls who gave me permission. To them I owe a universe or galaxies where eternal  love is the search engine . If there is anything I can live for, it is love,human and  divine, across the universe(s).


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