Being quiet with a grateful heart

Each day, I learn to be quiet and listen to my heart. There are many things that occupy us each day but there is something so rewarding as being quiet and attentive to the  heart and the love inside us. If we know what our heart does each second, we will be mindful of its health, the many things that it brings, the joys and love it sustains.

I focus on my heart love beats, each beat with a rhythm, each flow with its life energy. Why? because the heart is where we have our life force. According to dr. oz, if there is a soul, it is in the heart. My friends, loved ones, mind your heart. Be gentle with yourself, listen and be thankful. A grateful heart is the source of wellness. This wellness  goes beyond the normal sense, it is the good sense.

Why am I talking of the good sense ? because it is my definition of the spiritual sense, a sense bigger than the ordinary sense. when we eat, drink,walk,talk, we need to know what a good sense is. each day we are able to use our sense organs and  we feel alive. but do we know how precious this sensing is? am talking from the perspective of someone who has been witnessing friends and loved ones go into a deep sleep, or a comatose state.

when you are face to face with a loved one or a friend who is in coma, you begin to feel at a loss initially. you dont know how to respond and so you stay quiet. it is not easy . but if you reach out to the heart of the person in coma, you may feel a life throbbing, except you are not sure how to communicate. here is what i know from experience – you can talk and share the moment. you can listen and if you stay focused, you will hear or receive something from the person. a deep sense of love can reach out to anyone in need. each  love sense (from the auditory to the visual) has a spiritual energy. this energy can be fine tuned and you have to stay quiet for long periods if you want to develop it. that is why mystics go on long meditations or retreats. the ancient mystics practiced it for long yogins and sufis. going on long inner journeys gave them the enlightenment they longed for. but this period of silence was powered by a deep love for all – not just a sense of the divine but a sense of love that went beyond the ordinary. a deep love is defined as –  loving others as you love yourself  and the golden rule “do not do unto others what you dont want others to do unto you.”

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