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elections and motherhood

May 8, 2010

Today, I received a few greetings for Mother’s day. Hmm, I thought of all the mothers in my clan and circles. What will they do today given it is two days before elections? My mother called up to say she is celebrating her 62nd wedding anniversary. Wow, that I cannot match – 62 years of marriage and family! Also, the more I think of the millions, if not billions of mothers on this planet, I think of the many children who are growing because they have mothers. Now what can I say that makes this day better?

Mothers need a lot of appreciation. When I became a young mother, I needed my mother to help me care for my baby. The very first emotion that I had when giving birth, “wow how wonderful to give birth ! this is what my mother went through to get me on this planet.” Nothing can compare to the pain and joy of giving birth in the traditional way. I dont know what women feel when they choose another woman to carry their baby (surrogate mothering). But the more precious lesson is growing up with the baby. The process of becoming a mother, a parent, is something to focus on. When I look at my daughter Ayen who turns 20 this year, I smile at the energies she exudes. Those twenty years seemed to pass on so fast and I reflect on how I lived in those 20 years- 1990-2010.

To my family, I say THANK YOU , to Ed who is a constant partner in all the family journeys . To my parents, especially Inay, Nanay and Tatay, who supported me ,come rain or shine, from sunrise to sunset. To my siblings and their families, for loving me always and being present when they can, even when I was overseas , they were present for me. To my friends, salamat ng marami. All these people helped me become a good mother, a good spouse, a good sister.

But what makes being a mother so important in these times ? M for mastering all the challenges of being a woman, a parent, a teacher, a love goddess,  a gardener, a cook, a healer, an artist, a computer/tv repairwoman, an electrician, a carpenter,a laundrywoman, a traffic enforcer,  a concierge, a comedian, a fashionista, a designer, a photographer, an event organizer for the baptisms, recitals, graduations, sportsfests, weddings, birthdays, funerals, a fundraiser , a microfinance manager, and a CEO (chief of empathy organization)   – these are the competencies I had to master while working as a parent on the job. this is true for many, if not all of us ,mothers.

happy mothers day. masters of the universe. when you vote, think of the mothers you have become and elect someone who mirrors those virtues and competencies.


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