Entering into inner spaces: wellness and truth

Today is  Easter Monday and am busy visualizing Ed in Pandora and Ayen in Andromeda.  Whenever my neurons want to visit magical  space , I activate  my amygdala rider  and navigate  where to go with my elephant ( from the Switch authors Dan and Chip Heath) . Sometimes I get to the creative world  right  away and sometimes I dont. Why?  Because one has to stay awake within a galactic  space and pay attention to what is happening with the rider and the elephant as they travel the path.

There are many wonderful things inside us. For the anatomically inclined – we talk with  the right brain and gather data for the left brain to process. For the wholistically inclined, we experience energy in various frequencies. But for the curious thinker, we tag the Rider ( the rational logical mind) and the Elephant ( the passionate and emotional mind).  The brothers Dan and Chip Heath  studied our brains and discovered  how emotions and the rational mind operate inside us. According to these two brothers ,we have two minds.  If we  pay attention to both and make them work in synch , we  get our goals done and who we need to be in this life.

The other day, Ed asked me to help a young woman COO who has been ill. “She is very stressed and maybe you can help her.” Ed explained. I told Ed to give me a day to prepare my bodytalk system  protocol and he did. When the day came, I was introduced to the woman in her workplace .  I gave a briefing on what the session would be. Two other women came to listen. As I opened my protocol probe and ask permission for the session, I saw  a big elephant inside her. She has a generous heart but it was too stressed and I had to switch her ( a technique in bodytalk  system that takes care of stress and burn outs). When I asked to get her energy links for the balancing , I was directed to many body systems and had to re-orient her environment axis (  from where she is located, like a neuro GPS). The session continued with her  rider going to many paths. I found  the source of  viruses   invading  her lungs. I also  found some bright spots in her younger days  and embedded those  positive energies into her amygdala.  After the session, I had to go home and recharge. Her  rider and elephant were already communicating  and I needed to rest. My own rider and elephant  were  in synch but exhausted. With so much toxic air in  the place where she worked, I told Ed ” I dont want to work in that place. It makes people sick.”

The woman COO  later sent a thank you  sms to Ed and told him she slept soundly after the session. “She needs that sleep because she is still downloading the truths that I found in her body. She should get well in two weeks.”I replied. We carry  the body truths inside us. These truths, when we become aware of them as a priority and accept them, are the sources of healing and wellness.

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