Becoming mentally and emotionally healthy

Today, I greeted my garden with gratitude. My whole veranda faces the east and is blooming with white and pink bougainvillas. Everyday I notice more bouquets are added and the whole roof is half full of blooms. What does this mean ? Two years ago, I learned plant talk when I read a book about the secret life of plants. Tony and Beth de Castro gave  me the book and since then, I have experimented on the theory that plants can communicate with humans. I told the plants in my house to give me signs as to what I need to focus on by showing me white flowers  first inside my garden and pink outside our gate if I should serve as a bodytalk educator. Well, this summer , the whole front canopy is beaming with pink and fuschia blooms while  my inner garden, white bouquets. So I get the message.

Last year, Dorothy Friesen with Myrla Baldonado  came from the US  to  introduce the Bodytalk system. Ed, I and a group of friends in ELF and  other ngos took the course on BodyTalk Access. We practiced for six weeks and I did it almost weekly for a year. It gave us many discoveries on wellness and illness.  This year 2010,Dorothy Friesen and Myrla Baldonado returned for another schedule of BodyTalk  learning and we met Ben Manalo, a Pinoy-American who is a certified BodyTalk System trainer. The two  modules Ben gave  us opened ourselves to an energy system that is truly amazing.

Many friends whom I offered to have a session on bodytalk have a common feedback : “It relaxed us .We  felt so free when our bodies and minds  were being balanced. We do feel clarity now  in our life. The session is so gentle and empowering.”

When Ed and I went to  Cambodia I offered it to the Pinoy expats and ten people asked for a session. They all got a de-stressing and I added a life goal for each of them. That really made them wonder why their bodies affirmed it.People kept asking me how I get  their bodies to talk even when they were sleeping already. I told them a big word – neuro muscular feedback. I told them I ask a priority from a body part and  wait if it  is answered by a YES or a NO . I have a navigation chart that guides me when I scan the body for messages.   Even if they didnt fully understand it, they felt it was good I listened well. Of course I listened so well that I have now a  clarity I never had. I can almost feel the healing zone when I start the session and request permissions. Oh  how those bodies talked! It was like being in a body universe  where the organs systems , from the brain to the kidneys, want to tell me how they were faring ! Talk of a skull joint that wanted balancing or of a scar that had a long story and needs to heal completely .

When I trained to do BodyTalk, I did  not expect to be informed that our own body wisdom is growing since inception. What did I discover? We have the healing resources to care for ourselves. We can be mentally and emotionally healthy all our life, no matter what stress and issues come into our environment.

I told everyone who came to receive the session that they will experience new and old things in the session about their selves but that is not because of me –  the things they will experience comes with  their own emotional and mental clarity. A session can last for 5 to 45 minutes, depending on how balanced or imbalanced the person is. By balanced, it means the whole body system is able to take care of each other and there are no energy blocks. As a metaphor, the body system can communicate to all the links and there are no communication problems. Everyone gets the attention that the brain and heart give. When a person is well, she/he is able to function creatively and productively. A person at peace  and feels ease with herself/himself – that is a balanced person. A confused and unhappy person – can be ill or experience dis-ease with life.

BodyTalk system is an effective and affordable healthcare system. If I were a policy advocate of the DOH  and the wellness community , I would  promote BodyTalkSystem  as part of  the continuing education course for many of our doctors , nurses and caregivers. It is the complementary medicine of the 21st century. Really portable especially in the rural areas where there are not enough primary health systems in place.

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4 Comments on “Becoming mentally and emotionally healthy”

  1. Juls Quiban Says:

    Dear Ms. Girlie,

    I have a 14 y.o. son who was diagnosed with ADHD, I am
    curious if BodyTalk could do something about this?


  2. beth yam Says:

    HEllo, I read your BodyTalk Inquirer article yesterday, Apr 6. I am interested in attending healing bodytalk sessions and perhaps, later on, learn it so i can apply it to my mother, who had a cerebellum stroke 2 years ago and to my whole family as well.

    I tried to search for bodytalk healing centers here in Manila, but I can’t find any. I hope you can help me. Thank you.

    • mvillariba Says:

      dear beth,

      The Religious of Good Sheperd in Aurora Blvd holds healing sessions every Monday. Sr. Pilar schedules bodytalk sessions every month. We are still learning the bodytalk systems and we need to be certified to open an official center by the Internationa Bodytalk Association. We will offer classes in September and we have people in Manila,QC,Subic,Batangas and Davao who took the courses and our trainors are certified practitioners fromthe US-Canada. They will return in eand conduct classes. We will inform you how to register and who to contact by email or landline. Girlie

  3. health Says:

    fantastic submit, very informative. I’m wondering why the opposite specialists of this sector do not understand this. You must continue your writing. I’m sure, you have a huge readers’ base already!

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