How to enjoy dining in Siem Reap-the secret slimming ingredients of khmer food

Apsara Dancers

Angels in Khmer culture

With all the grandeur of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom, the food in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh is something beauty-conscious women and fitness men should taste. Why? My own body taught me that the spices and herbs of the Khmer menu maybe is  the secret to all those graceful bodies, delicate waist and beautiful skin of the  Khmer apsara dancers.

For a foodie, many dining places in  Phnom Pemh and Siem Reap offer aromatic and delicious dishes. Ed and I spent more of our time sampling the Khmer menu . After a half day enjoying the temples, Ed and discovered the dishes fit for dancers and warriors . Siem Reap is the Khmer phrase for ‘Victory over Siam” – the royal army of the Khmer kings had defeated Thailand in the early centuries. This is my own version of the food story ( Ed and I  still have to check Khmer history) “If a royal feast is the reward of the Khmer warriors, it meant the cooks then had to excell in victory cuisine.”   So we  chose  our hotel, Bhopa Angkor, to sample  a sumptuous meal. Every dish,  from the spring roll to the fish soup, are superb and aesthetically presented. Ed and I also walked  around the old market in Siem Reap  and ordered the steamed fish and coconut drinks. We could  smell the spices  in the dish and when we took a bite, the fish seduced  your enzymes and made us  feeling very good. We only had a week in Cambodia and found many Khmer dining places accessible by walking . We also loved their   fruits of which the dragon fruit is a favorite.

But what I found a bonus was the kind of beauty detoxification the meals gave me. At first I thought I had an irritable stomach but there was no pain nor symptoms of lbm. Every time I wore my pants, my waist was slimming and I wondered why. I asked Ed if he had any food issue “No, am fine.”, he replied.  Then I examined my stools and they looked like a baby’s stool – golden and round. There was not even the hint of foulness so I went on eating for as along as Ed and I could afford it. After noting the beauty byproduct of  Khmer food, Ed and I bought the Khmer spices – black pepper and amok are the popular ones. These were  my pasalubong to the clan and friends. I will tell them to cook with  these spices and see what it brings – the  fitness of warriors and the grace ful movement of Apsara dancers. Apsara is the Khmer equivalent of angels who dance in heaven.

Khmer food

first meal in Siem Reap

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