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BodyTalk System in progress

February 21, 2010

In all my explorations in wellness and healing, I have focused on the whole body/mind and its empowering abilities.Yesterday in the midst of families enjoying their holiday in La Mesa Park, I gave four bodytalk system sessions. The more significant session was with a friend’s 93-year old mother. I asked her permission and her family to receive a session on the bodytalk system. While I was exploring her body via biofeedback, a story unfurled and I went deep into her energy sytems. She led me to her brain and as I travelled through the bodyweb, all kinds of images rose and led me to her strength, especially the bone structures. My fascination increased and as I tapped the balances, I was amazed at how well she had nurtured herself, 90 and three years. She had so much love in her. I ended the session with her feedback as to how she rated the session, one as most relaxing or ginhawa and 10 as stressed out. She gave me a one and I thanked her for her gift. This was a truly amazing journey in the bodyweb system. After the session, her daughters told me that their mother had never been hospitalized and have not had any surgery. I thanked them all and accepted their request for a family bodytalk system session in March. I wished all of us would her bodyweb – alive and loving.


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