50 couples for change

how to grow in a marriage : 50 couples for change

this is the year to express  my gratitude, to make my future  bigger than my past. so this week, i started listing 33 woman friends who i value. i want to thank  many women and men friends  for bringing colour and aroma to  my life .

today,  i continue the process and thought of  ” bonded couples” whose marriages and passion mirror what ed and i see as lifetime growth lessons.  it matters that i begin acknowledging their importance in our  marriage.  they provide the various strands that make the community  to which we express our love . it will be a bonus if they join us in sharing their own lessons  in their marriage.  the blog’s title is  an invitation for them to share  “how  to grow in a marriage.”

my first growth area is the community to whom we acknowledge our love –  where we locate  family, friends and people who know us and value our love. when we got married, ed and i did not just marry each other. we married each other’s family and  its culture and  history . charles handy,  ed and my favorite  modern philosopher , said to his son who was contemplating marriage ” beware, it wont be just the love of your life that you will be marrying, but a whole new family.”    this was also the gist of  what my mother told ed when he went to ask for my parents’ blessings. i have a big family, twelve siblings plus members of our  extended . ed willingly, with his eyes open wide, told my parents, he knew what he was going into and answered with a big smile  ” Alam ko na po“.” my parents welcomed ed with all my siblings cheering because, finally, there was a priest in the family,  even if he were officially  laicized by  vatican – with  permission to leave the church but under obligation,  in times of emergency, to give the sacraments when needed.  my parents had prayed for a son -priest but none of my brothers  entered the seminary. with my marriage, the family had gotten what it wanted, on the principle that ” a priest is a priest forever ” and that was a gift from heaven for  my parents.

the second growth area, where all my bonded friends  matter, is the work we are passionate about. charles handy said ” passionate people move mountains where missionaries can only preach.”  in all the martial law years we spent in the country and  overseas, many passionate couples provided  not just safe refuge but a truly national and  international perspective on work and love.  our life is better because we have all these couples in our work.

we thank you for the opportunities you  provided. we thank you  for all the work you did  and  continue to work with us for our country. we thank you  for helping us grow into who we are now –  moving  mountains with a passion  .

to all our  friends, which we call ” couples for change” , maraming salamat for the ripening and colouring of our marriage : jane maestro and cliff scherer,  dolf and hanneke hautfast, francesco and dixie alessi, brida brennan and nonoi hacbang, malu and evert de boer, lulu and ton van der meer, arnold and norma vandenbroek, chato basa  and massimo, muirrean  and colm o’ brien, osang and byron bocar, edna and alex aquino, john and edith clancey, minda and dick groeneveld, maya and carlo butalid , princess and dodong nemenzo, bm and belle morales, gani serrano and lisa dacanay, sally and gerry bulatso, larainne and rene sarmiento, lorna and wingie villamil, iting and mon isberto, oca and edna francisco, lito and oyie de dios, boyet and luz martinez,  eric gutierrez and petra, chuchi and cha cala, beth and tony de castro, corinne and rene canlas,buddy and shinette garbazos, joel and merci paredes, salie and bong mendoza, eddie and joy concepcion, bel calaguas and richard bennett, monette and darwin flores, eddie and oyen dorotan, delia unson and chuck, joel rocamora and hanneka, deng cordero and benny tan, belle and ayi hernandez, mc and emely canlas, mariet mulders and nonoy ty, fe buenaventure and roger mangahas, juliet aganon and june virtusio, lan and gerry mercado,baby chionglo and danny franco,vhangie and ben juco, marilou and bunny, robin broad and john cavanaugh, marivic and fidel nemenzo, pancho and intay lara. When i turn 60 in december , i will add 10 more couples whose  love inspires  and,to add salt, still lusts for life.

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