How to start 10 million solutions for climate change with two solutions

Ed blogged about Earthday’s campaign for ten million solutions. “Girlie, let’s list small and big actions to get the ball rolling for climate change.”Ed said as his first task one  morning. “Well, we are already doing it in our house and in the  E4 Resource Center in marunong street.” I replied.  So for everyone, we will share  our   small and easy solutions.

First, cultivate three plants :  mother-in-law-tongue plants, areca palms and money plants  in your house and office. These three plants are  effective in cleaning the air toxins inside the house and office. The scientist Kamal Meattle explained that it you have all three in shoulder length heights, it will convert carbon dioxide to oxygen and  also rid the air of nitrogen oxide and formaldehyde.   If  you dont know what these plants  looks like,  go to and find Kamal Meattle as  speaker on cleaning the air .

Second, start learning bodytalk.  It simply means, ask your mind what needs to  prioritize and do it with the whole body in balance . To understand how to do it , visualize your whole self as a growing universe  of  websites, bigger than Facebook and Google  subscribers . Go and imagine yourself as a   living computer, with a superb operating system and a search engine that can go anywhere, inside other operating systems, living or nonliving.  Each day, whether you are awake or asleep, your bodyweb operating system  is at work, sensing, asking  and communicating, working with millions of  your neurons, cells, nerves, bones, muscles and ideas and dreams . Every second, messages are sent by the brain to the heart to  monitor what needs to grow, glow and go.  With our lives becoming enriched by so many messages inside and outside our bodies, we select what we need or want to do. It’s fine  we are healthy and in tune with all that we are. But when we get ill and dont heal easily, then it means our body system is not able to work as it should. There may be a virus wrecking havoc on our codes and deleting vital signals. When we cannot make sense of what is happening and  health professionals tell us we have a serious  incurable disease like ALS , then it means  we failed  to listen to all the signals our brain was serving us.

But we dont have to wait  for a death sentence . We can  learn in one hour or one day  how the brain and heart balances  its  health act. Bodytalk is based on this discovery of our body universe and its innate wisdom . It  combines Western and  Eastern medicine to provide us a portable health operating system. It’s features are easy and even young children from ages one to five can do it.  It is a system that allows all living things and non-living things to contribute, like a universe in synchrony. Hence , a vital contribution to changing our lives and  environment for the better.

Bodytalk has many health programs and one of the better systems is that of the International BodyTalk Association . Please visit its website and learn what,why and how it serves our need for effective healthcare.

Now with these two solutions, my day is complete. I can breath better and get my bodyweb growing, mother-in-law tongue plantglowing and going well into my 60th birthday.

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