smelling apples on a xmas pine tree

Yesterday evening , i smelled  apples on a pine tree. ayen and i were at an evening mass and i was suddenly filled with the image and aroma of apples and pine. then i  remembered Anke Reese, a dear German friend I met in the early  80s  in Polch , Germany. i closed my eyes and my mind was transported back to the potato  fields where Anke and i used to walk in search of potatoes for dinner.  as i knelt on the pew, i saw Anke and i scooping up the dirt and picking  small potatoes.” Here are good potatoes that the machine did not harvest.” Anke was telling me. She told me that  German farmers have specific sizes for their potato machine to harvest and so many potatoes are left to rot. “It will be a waste not to take them home,”Anke told me and so I was happy to fill my basket with all kinds of small  potatoes. I can still see Anke picking the smallest potatoes and handing them to me. The sun was already setting and we hurried to get as much potatoes we could carry. “Tomorrow we will have enough food .”Anke smiled.

The next day, Anke brought me to the apple orchards and we picked apples . “These apples are no longer popular for the market,  their variety are considered only for making juice but they are really delicious.”Anke  told me that we would store them in the basement for the xmas season. Around December, I saw Anke hanging  them on a pine tree and lighting candles on the branches. It was the most aromatic xmas tree I ever enjoyed  and the whole house was filled with apple scent. i sang xmas carols with the Reese family and wished our kababayan a good xmas . thenw e hugged each other.

The evening  mass that Ayen and I were attending was about to end , and I hurriedly whispered a prayer for Anke and her husband Gunther, who both worked as german  devt volunteers for more than two decades to restore democracy to our country. when we got home, i told Ed that i remembered Anke. “I must contact Niklaus, her son, to find out if today is her  birthday or her death anniversary. It is my experience that when I  remember someone so vividly, there must be something she wants me to do for her.”

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