Magic Now

Last Sunday Dec.20. I went to see Avatar with Ed.  How beautiful the movie is and wish we could touch all the luminous plants and insects that Jake, the principal earthling, discovered in Pandora, the  brave new planet in Avatar.

Our daughter Ayen, who saw it the next day, wished she could live in Avatar, without clothes and in communion with luminous beings. Such luminousity made me remember what Lito Tiongson said when he crossed beyond . As I was preparing for his funeral rites, he sent me a magical sense  of ” the luminous worlds”. I couldnt see at first what he meant, as I was cutting paper for the sarimanok  wreaths. All I could remember was the colours and various shapes that evoked a sense of great love. I promised Lito someday I will see what he sees – and that was what Avatar gave me. It was magic for me to see Pandora in 3D. Scenes of  luminous dandelions floating and communicating with beings, neon mushrooms opening and closing, dancing and swirling like dervishes, giant mountains floating in the skies, and the great pure Tree of Light  that provides everyone the memories of their  ancestors – that was the closest I can think of what Lito found as  a heaven beyond our threshold . So the movie is a gift – a gift so magical for today.

I wish Maloi Tiongson  and her family will see Avatar together. It is, I believe, the magic  of love and respect for creation we need today.

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