Innate Wisdom

Ed asked me last night ” You havent been blogging Girlie.” “Yes, I havent been writing anything since my foot swelled and I couldnt go out.” I realized that being house- bound had made my writing difficult and that I needed to see, listen and talk to my body. Since my left heel became painful, I went to the acupuncturist for weekly treatments but last week, the foot that had been treated swelled and became very painful. My first impulse was to call the acupuncturist doctor for her to see me. I changed my mind and decided  to take responsibility first and did my bodytalk access protocols. I wrote to my bodytalk mentor Dorothy Friesen and she promptly did a distance scanning of my foot.

Let me first refresh people what bodytalk access  is so you can benefit from this blog. Bodytalk is a health system, a complimentary system that is consciousness-based. It taps the innate wisdom of our bodies and does not claim panacea for all illness. When Ed and I took a course in bodytalk access in January 2009, we were taught to respect our body integrity and to ask permission first before we do anything, especially if we were to help someone. After the course, we were encouraged to practice it on ourselves and our families. I tried it on babies, toddlers and on family members. I practised it daily and saw positive results. During small emergencies, I am able to use it as a fast aid, eg. cuts, bruises, stomach aches, colds, coughs and fever. My most painful dental treatments have become manageable with bodytalk. Even my bouts with food , eg. when taking food cooked by upset chefs, had been relieved by bodytalk  access protocols.

How does one tap innate body wisdom ? Dorothy Friesen does it via biomuscular feedback. She taps the part that is painful and asks. If she gets an bioelectrical pulse, she proceeds to do the protocols – simple steps where the brain and heart are tapped. There are five protocols we learned and they are all very easy to do. Even three year -old children can learn to do it. The protocols are done to maintain wellness and bodytalk does not claim to be a therapy for all kinds of illness. What it promises is that we become aware of our health issues and how we can deal with it. There are many body issues and the bodytalk practitioners do not engage in diagnostics, they focus on what our bodies want to do. Perhaps the word ” body” is not very succinct but since we have only one body, one mind, we focus on ourselves as a body.

But how do we know when we are really ill? Our bodies send many signals of which pain is the most common. When I did my foot scanning, I realized immobility is a deep source of fear – I am afraid to lose my mobility and my ability to help others. When Dorothy did a remote scanning ( since she is in Canada), she told me about my wanting to do so much for people who suffer. After Ondoy and the suffering it unleashed, I tried to do as much as I could to help. But I felt I didnt do enough. I reflected on the relief work, on the stories of those who needed help and the attitudes of people who were saved from the floods. I realized what many learned – that people have to rely on their neighbours, on families and friends to be rescued. The local government and authorities were not up to the task .The appeal to do fast emergency work were taken on by private samaritans. All these issues were in my feet.

So what am I to do ? I have to accept, as Dorothy advised, that I am one grain of sand in the sea shore. This is what I mean by coming to terms with myself and my health. I can be a samaritan my whole life, of which I am but I cannot be doing everything.What I do each day for others is part of a greater whole. With this attitude, I hope to heal my foot. Every step I take when I wake up will be a walk towards a golden day. Every day, I will practice mindfulness, this is my healing promise.

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