Communicating with ourselves towards a healthy life

Today, I realized I have been listening well to my body. After several nerves and muscles  in my body, from  right hand carpal nerve,  TMG nerves, and now my left tendon nerves sent me pain, I practised body talk access , which meant tapping  my cortices daily  for nine months, going through  reciprocals and insuring body hydration. My carpal nerve pain left without a fuss and I can now use my right hand, my TMG allows me to chew my food and use my new teeth enamels and my left heel allows me to walk ,though slowly. What does this mean to non practitioners? Our pain is the alarm clock of our body . To attend to this pain we need a mindfulness to guide us.

Our body is not  a mere physical matter which our minds  inhabit. We are a living energy mass and we can learn  from how our body system operates. Each part of our body is  organized into several systems and the various systems operate like a metropolis, there are cities inside us and we have to learn how they all work together to provide us the animating force :  life energy.

When we were babies, we learned everything by being curious, using our senses to a degree unparalleled by any machine made by human hands. In my experience, I started practicing bodytalk  on   six month old babies,  three baby girls  who could not talk yet . Now, after six months of practice, they tap their heads when they see me and one of them said “Tap” with her hand trying to reach her crown. But what is amazing is that they know something positive is happening when I tap their heads and hearts. This tapping accesses their innate intelligence and allows them to see many things as positive. For older children, three to six year old children, it is different because they can already talk and so I always ask permission and explain why I am doing it.

As we grow older, our systems get to learn about the culture where we are born into. As we grow into a more challenging environment, eg. growing up in Manila, our systems developed various kinds of operating systems. In the case of mindful living, we begin to see the various facets of life and we start organizing categories in our mind. For those who are into wellness, we begin with a diet and exercise that we think is healthy. We equate health with the absence of illness and suffering. For people who are into  wholistic living, they weave the  physical, the biological and psychological , the social-economic and  the political life into one integrative life. Our minds create all kinds of categories and we develop several languages to express these . In the study of medicine, there are many schools that promote  preventive health and in such schools, the promotion of a longer lifespan free of illness  is dominant.

Now why do so many people fall ill ? Last week when I went to my doctor, she said “Next year,2010, cancer will the number one cause of death in our country.” That made me think and be mindful. Yesterday, Nov.2, I counted all the people who matter to me who died of cancer, from my relatives to friends in the activist circles. Yes, the number indicate a rise in cancer as the main cause of death.

Having prayed for these loved ones who crossed over, my thoughts go to the cycle of birthing and dying. What arts and sciences have contributed to a mindfullness of  living and dying?Is spirituality a better  field of learning so that we may be free of fear and doubts as to what life is all about?

Ed spent his whole day yesterday listening to the online  talks on the charter of compassion. I have never seen Ed so immersed in a program and I asked ” Why are you glued to the laptap?” “because I think this project of  a charter of compassion is a good one and I wish to develop it further.” “Give me a handle what it says.” The Buddha way is one.”Ed answered.” I plowed on ” I read the fourteen precepts of the buddhist community in France, is it similar?” “Ed “It suggests of thinking of the mother in everyone, even in your enemies.” “Even in the most criminal  persons?” ‘Yes.”

That is another bodytalk, the way of the buddha, which means the awaken. But I am far behind in this discourse. I have studied few texts on Buddhist principles and practices. As of this conjuncture, I cannot say more about being enlightened. What I can say is that we need to practice mindfullness and bodytalk. We can learn so much in the innate wisdom of every system inside us. That is why being reflective, meditative, even just being  quiet, is healthy.Listen to your inner voice. Then be quiet and let your mind heal.

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