Communicating For and From the Dying

Last night, my dentist texted me about the state of her mother who had been diagnosed by her doctor to be in a state of dying, which my father describes as ” the final boarding phase.” She needed my help to know what her mother wanted which we call bilin since her mother could no longer talk.  It was already late  evening and I could not go to her place.  I replied yes and  gave her instructions on how I can help her communicate from a distance. In all the years that I have been helping family and friends with preparations for  final departures, I have found  several principles and approaches useful. First, I request that permission is given by the “departee”. My name is whispered to the person and if she gives a  positive sign  like a nod, a smile, a hand or finger movement, then the next step is to pray with the family requesting  for divine guidance. I  prefer to wait and pray afar from the requesting family so that I can focus my energies on the request. Last night, when my friend texted she saw her mother smile and open her mouth after she gave my name, I started praying. The bilins came into my mind and I began sending them as sms. I  asked  her mother mentally several times and would send her response both  in the form of questions and tasks. After an hour of texting, I asked my friend to act on what I had communicated and promised her I would see her mother the next day.

The next morning, I did my  bodytalk and then prayed. I went about my work for ELF and even  spent  sometime to enjoy the plants in Manila Seedlings. I was waiting for the proper moment to see my friend and her mother. I also had a good massage to tone my senses and build confidence. I am most mindful when all my senses are relaxed. Around 4 pm, I was ready to see my friend and her mother.

The service I did that afternoon ranged from sensing if her mother  is still in a communicating mode.   When I sensed she wanted to communicate, I did the tapping of her cortices and started  interpreting what chores she wants   completed , naming  family members to call and whose presence she wants, and whether there are family members who have departed but are already present . I did the rite of  pagpapahesus, a form of  praying which I learned from my mother who learned it from my grandmother. I assured my friend that her mother still had time and  that she would wait till everyone she loves have arrived. After the pagpapahesus in her mother’s bedroom, I asked my friend to go to church with me. There we prayed for her mother and I told her what other messages I got that afternoon for  her and the family, in terms of what they  will be doing until the final departure.

Once the bilins had been communicated, I withdrew from the scene and hugged my friend.  Then I brought her home but I did not close the channel because I  keep an open heart for any other message from the departee. In my experience, the departee  has many  moments of soul talk  and these moments are occasions for profound learning and for receiving grace.

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