Dining in Edinburgh

When one gets hungry in Edinburgh, one has  a festival of food to choose from. i discovered a daily  feast  on the first morning ed and i arrived. bed and breakfast, i think, started in england ,but when you ask for a full english breakfast in edinburgh, the chefs will gently correct you that a full scottish breakfast is what they offer. there are all sorts of meat dishes, from haggis to sausages, bacon and ham. i saw proscuitto but i was told they are a scottish ham.  then there are all the cereals and fruits for the morning fix. one can smell a variety of fresh bread, from rye , oats , croissants and scones on the table. even when you walk the street ,the aroma of coffee,tea and chocolate  embrace you early in the morning. i told Ed “Ayen will love the breakfast buffet here,its like what we had in Lo Skole in Elsinore,Denmark.” to eat or not to eat five times a day, that should be Hamlet’s plea if he were here in Edinburgh. my own delicious dilemna was ” to drink and not to drink” so there are so many whisky, wine and beer. in the Rosslyn Chapel, we read on what pillar the words  ” Forte est vinu, Fortior est rex . Fortiores  sunt mulieres: sup om vincit verita meaning “Wine is strong. The king is stronger. Women are stronger still: but truth conquers all.”  These were the words during the trial of wisdom of the three bodyguards of King Darius – I think this story is part of  the search for the holy grail and will blog in another sequel, my version of the medieval adventures of the knights of templar .

Ed has been sipping  wine well, even gurgling wine, if the phrase is correct and getting stronger, even when we are lacking in sleep.

so for people who love food, come and dine in Edinburgh. the dining places have its own attractive personalities, enticing you with a wide range of cuisine , from the french to the asian fusion. i read that  Gordon Ramsay, the incendiary famous chef on tv, is from scotland and he is going to hold a 5000 pound per table dinner celebration in october. that dinner will really be at the top of the festival agenda in october.  imagine all the flavors of game, the sea and the highlands. imagine biting into all the fresh catch of the day  or slicing juicy,crispy  game. the eyes are fed even by the scottish designs of the places, bringing the textures and colours of the dining place to an artistic experience. the floors and ceilings  are asymmetrical  like those of the mustard seed place in invernes, which was a former chapel by the river but now a posh place for dining.

oh to be born a rich scot and eat like you never have. mind you, am saying “Rich” not royal because after visiting the Holyroodhouse palace, the residence of the royal queens, from Mary of Scots to Elizabeth, i dont want their karma of wars and murders staining my dining table. the story of the stewarts, from their rise to their demise will be for another storyblog.

for now, i am happy with dining in the various restaurants our hosts have organized for Ed and I.

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