The Modern Code of Scottish Start-ups

an early nudge got me to rise up at a time when most people would be in dreamtime. i looked at the window and edinburgh was deep in sleep. i looked down royal street,got our book gift and opened the pages of the rough guide to scotland. let me walk you through the street where we are now. ed is still in deep slumber and so will do distance walking.

here in the womb of edinburgh, i feel most alive. so many crossings with stories. there is a palette of reds,burgundy,old rose,maroons – the colours of the tartan and scottish wishkeys as contrasted to whisky. why wish keys? because when you are here, you want to explore and experience everything!

scotland is famous for its whisky but i have declared to all that my drinking days are over, except for the sparkling water of Scotland. you can drink tap water and feel alive, i have refrained from drinking whisky, wine and the spirits. ed drinks his wine like water even in midday meals.

oogling men for my friends, the gels june r,susan t, deng t,marivic, princess,mercy f,aida s,liddy,niva, lets imagine having the higlanders and kilt wearing pals for breakfast. i know i missed our chats but this week, i offer you the sexy, knicker- ripping humour of the scottish men who wear kilts and nothing else. i read that in the medieval time, highlanders would run naked waist high. guess what they had inside those kilts?

the code for 21st century. for minette and yeyi, and all the twins’ fans, inverness has a warehouse of knowledge where start-ups are created and crated for deliveries. ed and i were surprised that people get their babies ready to read by four months. we were brought by julie simmons to her library and we were shown all the reading packs for babies, one year olds, three year olds and so we asked to be given a whole chest of books for kids’ start ups.  the woman in charge, elisabeth,kindly repared a whole reading pack for us. Why did we not hear about this program? asked Ed. “We started in the early 90s and these reading start-ups grew until we could afford to help all the babies and toddlers read early.”  What do you do if a family has more than one child? or many children? Elisabeth replied ” We give each child a reading pack.” Imagine if all our Filipino babies can be enticed to read at four months old? 

Julie Simmons told us ” Rowling deserves every penny she got from writing Harry Potter because she got young children all over Scotland, UK and even in the world to love reading.”

Wouldn’t we all want to be Rowling and earn the love of children ? plus the sound of laughter on the way to the banks? So for my clans ( clan is a scottish word for children), do read up and get all the children opening books and spending their playtime imagining future adventures. to the villariba clans, rey,ceres,lisa,melo ,maebel, mina,atoy, deeda,jason,heidi,jojie,yoyong, corcor,obi,sonny,lynette, mara and all, scotland is worth every sterling if you come here to learn. we hope laraine and her cousins can study and experience harry potter and all his joys in this splendid land. 

i can hear ed waking up and walking in our bedroom. yes we have a suite in the heart of the city called high street, near the edinburgh castle.

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