Reunions and rites are good for our hearts and minds

 July and August have become  sacred months of rites of renewal for me and Ed .  These rites are  hopefests :  many birthdays, one wedding, several reunions, many wakes, one 40th  Lumens celebration, one grand  SVD centennial , are a big  bouquet of  blessings and grace for our heart.

Family reunions are the robust source of grace. My sister Deeda and Jason, with Jillian and Julia  flew from New Jersey to be with Tatay and Nanay.  We also had cousin  Jenny  Remigio Hansen from New York .We held a series of   combo bienvenida and birthday parties, from Nadine’s debut, Zoey’s birthday, Lynnet’s birthday lunch  to a despedida this Saturday August 15 to be together in Lucena.  All the young  Villariba children, from toddlers to teenagers danced and sang in all the  gatherings .  I have never seen our clan so  happy with so many weekly rites of loving.

Ed had his centennial reunion with SVD and XVDs this  weekend. We saw many friends and hugged Fr. Tony Pernia, the 9th Superior General of the SVDs and the first Filipino ever to be elected twice as Superior General. Ed was very happy greeting old friends and we even saw his professor in theology. When we greeted him, I felt like going to a time when Ed was a seminarian and he was  a budding theologian.

 Even the women’s organizations such as WOMB and GABRIELA , born during martial law and after  Ninoy’s martyrdom, held several reunions. I was in Lucena for the  family reunions and couldn’t personally meet friends like Gilda Cordero Fernando  and Irene Donato.

Attendance in  wakes and funerals became frequent.  Ed and I bid goodbye to Julius Fortuna, Susan Fernandez and Arnel de Guzman . We saw many friends and listened to many tributes. I told them” In the 90’s, we used to go to the wakes of  friends’ parents. Now it is our friends’ wakes that we are going and has become more frequent.” Today, I am going to Tita Letty Aranilla’s wake and hopefully catch the GSP tribute rites.

During the wake of Cory and  the funeral, we had a reunion with people power.  Never has a Filipino president’s funeral  meant so much to so many people all over the globe.

While people power was gathering steam in the streets, the  rural electrification program held its 40th anniversary in SMX. As Ed and  I met many representatives of the 119 electric cooperatives, we realized the link to our development  work and what our new work with them means.

With cyberspace, we greeted  family  and friends whose birthdays were  due these two months.We couldnt  go to all the dinner parties, in august, we had daily invitations  but  we couldnt travel in all, so we went digital. Thank good ness for FB and Multiply, we celebrated many birthdays in virtual style .

We also got many notices for fundraising for friends who needed funds for treatment and these friends deserved all the help since they served our country with all their hearts. Those whom I could tap and do bodywork access personally, I did and even taught the children to tap themselves. It was good that the children learned instantly to tap their body wisdom. I also was surprised everytime a child heals within an hour after tapping them.

Today, I sum up all the events, from birthdays to final  tributes that Ed and I had  as sacred rites of renewal and hope.  It’s almost like  a wedding anniversary for me. When I go to these rites with Ed, I feel that our lives and love as a couple  has grown in many ways .It’s amazing that  family, friends, community, school  and church reunions could all happen in a short period . I feel my heart is so full. It feels like wrapping the present in a big ribbon for the future . With all these blessings , I commit myself to  more enlivening  and enlightening rites.

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