how to tap body wisdom for wellness and illness

in your daily routine, how do you maintain good health?  as the saying goes ” good health is wealth”. when you are healthy, you are wealthy.

but many people get sick now. my family goes into a pattern of getting sick like last week. my parents were confined for infections. ed and ayen caught colds and coughs.  so what did we do? tap body wisdom. it is simple. we sit and breathe deeply. then someone taps our head and heart. we sit there encouraging  the body to select which part  needs attention. there is a feeling of ease, of lightness and we breathe well. but when we get an infection, the body goes to work and starts the immune response. it  takes around 20 minutes to get the body response . so why dont we do it often?

busy minds busy bodies. we think  we have to do so much, like work, work,work. or even if we are passive, we watch television, we watch movies, we go to the computer and watch virtually our minds wander in cyberspace. the secret is taking time to relax, listen to our bodies. that is why meditation helps. that is why we need to be quiet for a moment, or focus our energies to listen to the body.

in pinoy practice, tunganga helps. you sit down, empty your mind of clutter and then open it to the beautiful landscape inside you. breath simply and close your eyes if you want. then ask yourself, what’s important today?

there  is  a simple tapping is called bodytak access. learn it, it will make a difference in your life.

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